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O’Reilly Vs. Moore: War of the Cartoon Characters

Every once and a while, the DrudgeReport has a gem. This is one of them, worth reading all the way through; a transcript of Bill O’Reilly and Michael Moore interviewing each other at the same time. Here are some choice cuts:

“O?Reilly: The issues? alright good, now, one of the issues is you because you?ve been calling Bush a liar on weapons of mass destruction, the senate intelligence committee, Lord Butler?s investigation in Britain, and now the 911 Commission have all come out and said there was no lying on the part of President Bush. Plus, Gladimir Putin has said his intelligence told Bush there were weapons of mass destruction. Wanna apologize to the president now or later?

M: He didn?t tell the truth, he said there were weapons of mass destruction…”

It devolves into this:

“M: Oh, he lied to the nation, Bill, I can?t think of a worse thing to do for a president to lie to a country to take them to war, I mean, I don?t know a worse ?

O: It wasn?t a lie

M: He did not tell the truth, what do you call that?

O: I call that bad information, acting on bad information ? not a lie

M: A seven year old can get away with that ? …”

Other interesting bits:

O: Well we?re back to the weapons of mass destruction

M: But that was the reason

O: The weapons of mass destruction

M: That we were told we were under some sort of imminent threat

O: That?s right

M: And there was no threat, was there?

O: It was a mistake…

M: Bill, if I made a mistake and I said something or did something as a result of my mistake but it resulted in the death of your child, how would you feel towards me?

O: It depends on whether the mistake was unintentional

M: No, not intentional, it was a mistake

O: Then if it was an unintentional mistake I cannot hold you morally responsible for that

M: Really, I?m driving down the road and I hit your child and your child is dead

O: If it were unintentional and you weren?t impaired or anything like that

M: So that?s all it is, if it was alcohol, even though it was a mistake ? how would you feel towards me

O: Ok, now we are wandering…”

They go from WWI to 2001, from Eastern Europe to the Taliban, from hypothetically dead children to two middle aged men debating who should die defending America. Whew! Battle of the cartoon characters! These types of shows are nothing more than lurid entertainment, the joy of watching two schmoes duke it out. I know I’ve learned something from this:

Next time I want cartoons, I’ll switch to Cartoon Network.

5 comments to O’Reilly Vs. Moore: War of the Cartoon Characters

  • I’m glad I missed it. I often wonder how much these characters believe their rhetoric, and how much they’re putting us on so they can maintain a fan base that expects their extremism.

  • Joshua

    I think they couldn’t sell it so strongly if they didn’t believe in what they say. True believers are often the best of these kinds of cartoon characters.

  • Why can’t they simply be good actors? Kane Hodder made a terrific Jason in the Friday the 13th movies. Does that mean he would like to go around hacking up teenagers at summer camp?

  • Joshua

    Kane Hodder did not have to improvise. While it can be argued that both Moore and O’Reilly “rehearse” their lines, they are not trained actors. Is Kane Hodder a “trained” actor? More so than M and O’.

  • I’m sure that at least SOME of the flicking off of gray matter from the brain-spattered machete was improvised in Friday the 13th VII.