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Jokes! Part II

In an effort to give equal time, this post is about John Kerry’s alleged joke. When President Bush fell off his bicycle, the Drudge Report reported that Kerry said:

“Did the training wheels fall off?”

Sarcasm: ha ha ha! That’s great! Somebody falls off a bike and you make a joke! That’s RICH! (note the use of “RICH” as a sarcastic remark about how RICH Kerry is!).

No sarcasm: If Kerry did say this, then this comment lowers my already fairly low opinion of him. The problem is, I’m not sure if he said it. I know the Drudge Report “reported” it. I know Drudge is not a good journalist and is apt to report nonsense (whatever happened to that Kerry intern scandal?). Sometimes he gets something right. And Kerry does have a penchant for “under his breath and off the record” comments when reporters are around.

But looking at articles in magazines and nespapers about this incredibly stupid and inappropraiate remark, they all cite the same source: the Drudge Report.

Chicago-Sun Times:

“According to the Drudge Report, Kerry was having a conversation with reporters that he apparently believed was off the record when he reportedly asked, “Did the training wheels fall off?”

National Review Online:

The president doesn’t exercise for the benefit of the press corps.

“Kerry said as much himself over the weekend when he heard the president fell off his bike. “I hope he’s OK…. I didn’t know the president rode a bike.” (He also reportedly said ? thank you, Drudge Report, “Did the training wheels fall off?” But we’ll leave that alone. There’s quite enough to work with without it.)”

The ambiguity of this story is a reflection of (a) Drudge’s frequent misreporting and (b) Kerry’s history of sotto voce comments.

If it WAS said, and it is possible, the joke was INCREDIBLY STUPID AND INAPPROPRIATE. Considering that it’s not clear whether Kerry told the joke and also considering it wasn’t an ethnic joke, just a mean spirited one about one person’s misfortunes, I don’t think Kerry should be voted out of office. Bill Owens on the otherhand…

2 comments to Jokes! Part II

  • Morgan

    You’ll also notice that the two times Kerry has fallen (once off his ten-speed bike and once while snowboarding) that the White House did not make a single comment. Kerry is going to have to realize that his cute comments might just lose him the election.

  • I’d be perfectly happy if we could drop the attempts to be fair and/or balanced when talking about bad jokes made by politicians. If there’s an issue to discuss, it should’ve been made in the previous post. Further posts on this subject now seem redundant.