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Recently, part-time comedian and full-time Colorado Republican governor Bill Owens delivered a virtual “hit parade” of French jokes:

“Keynoting Saturday at the Michigan Republican Party Convention, Owens quipped, “You know why they planted those big trees along the boulevard in Paris? So the invading armies could march in the shade.”

Ha ha ha! Keep ‘em coming!

“And, he continued, “You know why the new French navy has glass-bottom boats? So it can see the old French navy.”

Ha hahaha! Stop! I can’t take it anymore! hahaha!

“Owens delivered his riffs to a crowd of 2,000 Michigan Republicans after contrasting President Bush’s leadership with that of likely Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry. Kerry, he said, “would wait for a permission slip to be filled out by the United Nations and initialed by France” before rebuilding Iraq.”

Permission slip…! Ha ha ha ha ha! I haven’t heard that one since Bush said it in January! Ha ha ha! Remember?

“There is a difference, however, between leading a coalition of many nations, and submitting to the objections of a few. America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country. (Applause.)”

hee hee hee! It’s STILL funny! But SOME people disagreed!

“Frieda Sanidas, the honorary consul of France in Colorado, tried to stay neutral.
“I suppose this is supposed to funny. But I really would not like to comment,” she said.”

BOOOOOOO! Get off the stage! Boooo! Let Owens speak! Remember! Owens is a FRIEND TO THE FRENCH!

“He was pointing out how America has sacrificed for other nations. So, historically, he was trying to point out that America has done a lot for France,” [Communications director Sean Duffy] continued.”

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  • Just what the fuck is this post supposed to be saying?

  • Joshua

    It is a sarcastic rant on how incredibly stupid our politicians can be. That should be obvious. Bill Owens is no friend to the French, and his incredibly stupid attempts at humor shows the lack of sensitivity some of our most revered politicians (he won the governorship two times) have, even in times when we should be repairing our diplomatic relations. Gov. Owens’ ill advised jokes is in line with the even more incredibly stupid “freedom fries” ideas of some of our congresspeople. It shows that our leaders have not learned from past stupidity and need to be voted out of office.

    That’s the point.

  • Aggie

    I rather enjoyed this post, but then I’m not at all a big fan of Bill Owens.

  • Joshua

    Thank you. I enjoyed writing it. It’s always fun to lampoon politicians, even with thinly veiled sarcasm.

    Maybe some take offense because the article shows that Owens is a Republican and his French jokes were told during his speech in a Republican fund raiser. And that Owens got a standing ovation afterwards. Democrats are dumb, too, I will not hesitate to point out.

  • He tells some jokes you don’t find funny, and he’s “insensitive,” “stupid,” and should be voted out of office for it. Oh, and we need to repair diplomatic ties with the French. That’s the point?

    I still don’t get it. If you’re offended on the French’s behalf, that’s one thing. If you’re just trying to lambaste another conservative politician by using the excuse that he tells jokes you don’t find funny to a bunch of people that did find them funny, then at least admit it, for Christ’s sake. From the lack of attention my recent Teddy Kennedy post got, it’s clear where the line is drawn: it’s not funny and it is insensitive when Governor Owens makes a French joke, but it’s okay when Senator Kennedy calls American troops torturers.

    Without looking it up online or anywhere else, please tell me two things Governor Owens has done that you don’t support. Can you do so off-hand? Let’s talk about an issue instead of making the kind of silly, baseless attack that you just lampooned Owens for doing.

  • Joshua

    First: I have commented on Ed Kennedy. You can look it up.

    Second: I’m sorry you feel that a U.S. governor can insult the French at a fund raising event. I don’t think that’s appropriate behavior. I’m surprised you feel that is appropriate behavior, especially given the state of our diplomatic relations. I think I’m straight forward with that view.

    Third: If you consider this an attack on “conservatives,” you’re wrong. It’s an attack on stupid, insensitive politicians making ethnic jokes at fundraisers. Democrats, I’m sure, make similar jokes.

  • Please take a look to the right and follow the link to “Merde in France” before you complain about the diplomatic relations between the French and the U.S.

    A Colorado governor making a few dumb jokes isn’t going to harm diplomatic relations to any significant degree. I’m frankly surprised at the concern. The way it was originally put in the post looked more like a gigantic shit-stirring exercise than a legitimate beef about how the French are viewed. I simply couldn’t cut through the sarcasm to see the point within. Combined with your demonstrated animus toward the Bush administration and most conservative positions, I think I can be forgiven for getting the wrong idea when you attack a Republican state governor for an extremely specious reason. Or, simply chalk it up to my natural stone-stupidity for not getting the straightforwardness of the point.

  • Joshua

    You’re right; I don’t agree with many of the Bush administration’s policies. You’re right; I don’t agree with many of the Republican party’s and conservative’s positions on current affairs.

    However, I have a right to sarcasm, no matter what my politics. Considering Bill Owens’ incredibly stupid and inappropriate attempts at humor, I feel that a post presented in a similar manner is a creative and interesting way of lambasting and lampooning politician stupidity. I stand by my presentation.

    Apparently, the only point we can agree to disagree is the appropriateness of Governor Bill Owens making French jokes in public. You think it’s all a “s–t stirring” on my part. I regard my stance as holding politicians to a higher standard than they have currently shown.

  • I take it, then, that if we’re going to hold all politicians to a higher standard, then President Clinton should’ve been thrown out of office and Robert Byrd should never have been elected. Fair enough; French jokes=litmus test.

    We’ll also have to agree to disagree on the purpose of the post. There’s a way of framing an issue that gives it either some gravity or seriousness; if you’d wanted to discuss Governor Owens’ fitness for public office, that’s one thing. If you wanted to discuss French-American diplomatic relations, that’s another. All I could see was shit-stirring, from the tone and content of the post. Again, I think I can be forgiven for the apparent mistake.

  • Mike

    Josh, I’m just wondering if you took the time to lampoon Hillary Clinton when she fell flat on her face while making jokes about Indian-AMERICANS owning gas stations. I must have missed that post. Even your sarcastic rants have obvious political bias. Your sensitivity towards the French is touching though

  • Tocqueville

    As a French jew, I find this french bashing really hard to believe, particularly when voiced by politicians. Comments such as “cheese eating surrender monkeys” are tantamount to racism against a whole people who is an easy scapegoat for the failures of the US administration. This attitude is very similar to the one the jews had to endure during the 30′s in Europe. The American love to lambast the French for their alleged antisemitism, but such an attitude against the people of France shows the devil that lies in some american minds when no political correctness stands in the way.

  • As an American Jew, I find it amusing that you can, on one hand, whine and moan about being called names, and on the other hand, make some bullshit accusation of “failures of the U.S. administration.”

    And to compare what happened to the Jews in WWII-era Europe to being called a cheese-eating surrender monkey is tantamount to Holocaust revisionism. Are you sure you’re a Jew?

  • Tocqueville

    Brilliant, so those who dare to mention “failures of the U.S administration” have no right to complain about being called names?
    Besides, you completely missed my point. Being called names by stupid people is an honor and a pleasure. My point was that when someone fingerpoints a whole people not for what they do but for what they supposedly are, this is one definition of xenophobia at best, racism at worst. And when this person is a politician and receives a applause from his audience, this is reminiscent of the attitude that jews have endured as a scapegoat people.
    As a french jew who lives in France I know better than you the difference between the antisemitism that we experienced in the 30s and the one we experience now in France. So the revisionnist are those who accuse France of being back to vichyst antisemitism when it suits their agenda.
    Yes, I’m a French jew, and like most French jews,
    I am as much French as I am Jewish, so I can see francophobia when I see it.

  • Sorry, but if you wanted a discussion, you shouldn’t have started by being a bitch.

    Of course, if you were really smart, you wouldn’t be living in France.

    Have a nice day! Don’t forget grandma and grandpa this summer!

  • Tocqueville

    I apologize for assuming that I had an open forum on somebody else’s space to say anything I want. I’m not welcome here. I also know that if I comment here or anywhere else on this blog, the administrator will contact the abuse address on my ISP.

    It may sound as if I’m being censored, but I don’t pay the bills to keep this site up and running, and any commentary here is at the administrator’s whim.