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Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey: The Oral/Anal Connection

As previously reported, Howard Stern has been complaining that the FCC is “targeting” him. See here and here.

Is there selective enforcement of FCC rules?

The Howard Stern website lists other daytime shows, the station and its owners, and the offense that have clear FCC violations but have yet to be fined by the FCC:

“Mary J. Blige 60 Minutes CBS Network Viacom The “S” Word

Good Day New York full story Good Day New York WNYM The “F” Word

Ryan Seacrest KIIS – Los Angeles Clear Channel The “F” Word

Oprah Winfrey Show Syndicated Harpo Sex talk (graphic)

Regular Guys WKLS – Atlanta Clear Channel Graphic Description Of Sex

Elliot In The Morning WWDC – Washington Clear Channel Graphic Description Of Sex

American Idol/Simon Cowell Fox Network Fox Flips His Middle Finger”

Let’s look at the Oprah violation. This is an excerpt from the Howard Stern website:

“Oprah: Lets talk about that secret language Michelle.
Michelle: Yes
Oprah: I didn’t know any of this
Michelle: I have yea, I have gotten a whole new vocabulary let me tell ya
Oprah: I did not know any of this
Michelle: Salad tossing, cucumbers, lettuce tomatoes ok
Oprah: ok so so what is a salad toss?
Michelle: ok a tossed salad is, get ready hold on to your underwear for this one, oral anal sex, So oral sex with the anus is what that would be.

Clip Two

Michelle: a rainbow party is an oral sex party it’s a gathering where oral sex is performed and rainbow comes from all of the girls put on lipstick and each one puts her mouth around the penis of the gentleman or gentlemen who are there to receive favors and makes a mark um in a different place on the penis hence the term rainbow…”

According to the Smoking Gun website, the FCC has received 1600 complaints. Howard Stern has been actively encouraging people to write to the FCC (you can find how to complain by visiting the Howard Stern website). The complaints seem to take one of two forms:

Form one:
“I have just returned with my 3 year old twins from Bible Day Camp when I turned on the [Oprah] show… Tell me, Mr. Powell… how would you explain the concept of a ‘tossed salad’ to your kids?”

Form two:
“mr power [sic] i recently watched an episode of the oprah winfrey show where she graphically explained to her audience how to lick someones asshole and use different shades of lipstick to create a rainbow around an erect penis. i was wondering if you watched this program so that you could apply better techniques to george w and mr cheney…”

They have not fined Oprah. They have not fined Ryan Seacrest or 60 minutes. Looking at Oprah’s transcript, it is obvious that Oprah is not being held to the same standards as Howard Stern. Until they fine Oprah, I think Stern is right for saying that there is selective enforcement of FCC rules.

4 comments to Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey: The Oral/Anal Connection

  • As repulsive as I find Mr. Stern, I must admit that I agree that he’s being unfairly targeted, but only insofar as we have proof that the FCC WON’T go after Oprah. It’s the nail that stands straightest and tallest that gets knocked down first. Stern’s gotten away with quite a bit of stuff for some time, and it’s only now that he’s getting spanked. Should Oprah get spanked? Yes. Ryan Seacrest? Definitely. Line ‘em all up and I’ll personally administer the kicks to the nuts, and everyone will get his or her fair share.

    How often does Oprah do “salad-tossing” and “rainbow cock” shows versus Howard Stern? Isn’t there a measure of degree here? Shouldn’t the worst offenders be taken care of first? To me, this sounds a little bit like the kid who, upon getting punished for stealing a candy bar, claims that his friends did too, and it’s not fair that he get punished if they don’t. Howard’s been coasting for some time.

  • Joshua

    Actually, Stern gets fined regularly. It’s only recently that Clear Channel dropped him from their six stations and a record half million dollar fine was placed on him. From what I’ve seen of the Oprah transcripts, what was said on the Oprah show is as bad as anything I’ve ever heard on the Stern show. Yes, both should be fined. Even though Oprah does fewer of these kinds of broadcasts, that doesn’t exempt her from responsibility. Although, it appears the FCC has exempted her. No one has heard anything about the FCC looking to fine Oprah as of this writing.

  • Or, it could just be that the FCC hasn’t gotten to Oprah yet. Just because her turn hasn’t come around, it doesn’t mean she’s exempt.

    Clear Channel is a non-government-run business, to my knowledge, and can shitcan whoever they want for whatever reason they want.

    There’s a difference in degree of offense, isn’t there? And doesn’t a serial offender warrant more attention than a more intermittent offender?

  • Justin

    I might have had something to say, but I called the owner of this website a moron, so my right to free speech has been trampled on, perhaps unjustly. I guess I’ll have to scrawl on somebody else’s toilet wall, now.