April 2014
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Psycho_logy Question

A friend of mine told me that this question was asked of all place on the Howard Stern show. Fortunately, I got it wrong. However, I thought it was clever.

A woman was attending the funeral of her mother. At the funeral, she met a handsome man and immediately fell in love with him. A few days later, she killed her sister. Why did she do it?

The answer is in the first posting.

3 comments to Psycho_logy Question

  • Morgan

    The reason she killed her sister was that she wanted to see the man again at her sister’s funeral.

    Most well adjusted individuals will get this question wrong. Most serial killers get this question right.

    I found this clever because it shows how a skewed perception of reality can make completely purposterous ideas seem very reasonable.

  • Huh. My answer was, “So she could have some more of that tasty salmon mousse she liked so much at another wake.” Go figure. I didn’t even think of the handsome man.

  • Aggie

    My assumption was that the handsome man was actually the funeral director, and thus by killing her sister she could be pretty well assured of having to see him again. I’m not sure it works quite as well for just any other man attending her mother’s funeral. Who knows if he would attend the sister’s funeral? Depends on the relationship: Perhaps he was a long-lost friend of the mother’s who was only interested in paying his respects to her. But if it was the funeral director there’s no uncertainty.