April 2014
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Here’s one for the Rule of Law:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Orders Calif.’s Attorney General to Take Steps to Stop Gay Marriages

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger waded deeper into the debate over same-sex marriages, directing the state attorney general to take immediate legal steps to stop San Francisco from granting marriage licenses to gay couples.

Schwarzenegger told a cheering crowd at the state GOP convention that “in San Francisco, the courts are dropping the ball.”"It’s time for the city to stop traveling down this dangerous path of ignoring the rule of law. That’s my message to San Francisco,” he said Friday night.

Schwarzenegger’s directive to Attorney General Bill Lockyer was prompted in part by a judge’s decision not to impose a temporary restraining order that would have halted San Francisco’s weeklong parade of 3,175 same-sex weddings, said Rob Stutzman, Schwarzenegger’s communications director.

A spokeswoman for Lockyer told the Los Angeles Times that the attorney general’s office planned to seek a judgment soon declaring the city’s action a violation of state law, but said Schwarzenegger had no authority over the elected Democrat.

Peter Ragone, a spokesman for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, scoffed at Schwarzenegger’s directive.

“The truth is, thousands of people are involved in loving relationships and having them recognized for the first time,” Ragone said. “We urge the governor to meet with some of the couples because what’s happening is both lawful and loving.”

The truth is, Mr. Ragone, that there’re laws being broken, no matter how loving the participants may be.

2 comments to Finally!

  • Ray

    I guess we should start calling him the Cupidator or the Sapphonator. My problem is that he seems to be very selective about what laws he will enforce in the great state of California. It is a lot easier to halt same-sex marriages at the city hall in San Francisco than it is to the halt the mass flow of illegal immigration that is bankrupting the state or the refusal of city governments in the state to enforce immigration laws. Thank God the Cupidator is keeping his priorities straight and his eyes on a possible Constitutional amendment that will permit foreign-born candidates to run for President. Of course, for that to happen George Bush has to win reelection with California’s 54 electoral votes, which will make the man in the White House very grateful to the governor in Sacramento.

  • Joshua

    I saw Schwarzy on Sunday’s Meet the Press. He doesn’t sound stupid, but he doesn’t like to answer questions. His answers to California’s budget crisis and any other subject were:

    1. It’s not even been 100 days in office for me.
    2. We must get Democrats and Republicans together.
    3. California will once again be the greatest state in the greatest country in the world.
    4. It’s not even been 100 days in office for me.
    5. It is vital to vote for Propositions 58 and 59.
    6. We must get Democrats and Republicans working together.
    7. It’s not even been 100 days in office for me.
    8. I can’t be expectected to fix all of the problems that arose in the past five years in less than 100 days.
    9. California will once again be 100 days and Republicans and Feinstein and the greatest country in the 100 days and vote for Proposition 58 in the greatest country in the world.
    10. I will be the Collectinator.