April 2014
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“Death to Israel!”

Associate Professor of History Julio Pino got “political”:

The speaker at whom Pino shouted was Ishmael Khaldi, formerly the deputy consul general at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco. Khaldi, as a Bedouin and Muslim, lectures on his experiences as an advocate for Israel.

According to multiple press accounts, Pino posed a question to Khaldi after his talk, and then shouted “death to Israel” and left the auditorium. It is the latter statement that has set off the controversy.

This Pino character is a gigantic coward to shout something like that and run out.  If you’re going to shout “Death to Israel,” anywhere outside of a mosque or just about every Middle Eastern country in the world, at least have the courage to stick around and deal with the consequences.  But the most striking part for me was Cary Nelson’s reaction.  Nelson is the president of the American Association of University Professors:

“Calling out a political slogan during a question period falls well within the speech rights of any member of a university community,” he said. “Expressive outbursts do not substitute for rational analysis, but they have long played a role in our national political life.”

Think about it: calling for the death of the homeland of the Jews has just been relegated to the realm of political sloganeering.  Like “Change we can believe in” or “Tippicanoe and Tyler too”.  It’s just a political slogan.  Pino shouldn’t be censured for it, according to this clown Nelson.

Imagine if Pino had shouted “Death to homosexuals!”  It’s not an uncommon notion in Islamic countries.  Is that just a political slogan?  Anti-semitism has found a comfortable home on college campuses for quite some time now; that the president of the AAUP simply refers to an expression of it as a political slogan shows you how deep this cancer in American education has insinuated itself.

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