April 2014
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Reverting to Form

Lately, it seems that the Democrats in Congress and Obama have been referring to Congress as “the Republican Congress” in public discussions.  This is despite the fact that the Republican party is in charge of the House and the Democrat party is in charge of the Senate.

It’s been suggested that this is a new meme being advanced: a way for the Democrats to further distance themselves from the horrible mess they’ve made (and continue to make) of the economy.  Put it all on the Republicans, avoid responsibility, and claim that Congress’s terrible approval ratings are all because of the other guys, not them.  This is likely the case, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

One of the most amazingly stupid things I’ve ever heard an Obama staffer say was when Valerie Jarrett claimed that the Obama administration was going to “speak truth to power” in its war on the Fox News Channel two years ago.  In the interview, Jarrett was flailing; she didn’t have anything incisive to say, so she reverted to form: speak truth to power, hold those in authority responsible, etc.  Valerie: you’re the one in power now.  There’s nowhere else to pass this buck.  The responsibility is yours.  That’s the same thought process evident in referring to Congress as “the Republican Congress.”  Out of ideas, flailing, desperately seeking excuses, the Democrat party is simply reverting to form.  Sticking with the old expressions.  Because they don’t have anything else.

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