April 2014
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Vote 2010: The Aftermath

The Republican party has regained the House, taking at least 60 seats.

Liberal butthurt is at historic levels not seen since Bush’s reelection.

One would think that the president would consider what these significant gains mean, but he hasn’t.  He’s chosen to see it as a referendum on the economy instead of his appalling mismanagement in forcing this country into the left-wing direction he thinks it should go.  That was to be expected.  He did win the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, after all.

Usually, there’s that whole thing where the party that’s made big gains gives helpful hints and advice to the party that’s lost.  Here are some of my helpful hints:

  • Obama should hold on to the idea that this election wasn’t about him or his policies.  He should continue to tack hard to the left and push for more and more of that hope and change.  It’s the only way to win in 2012.
  • The far left should support him in everything he does, as loudly and often as possible.  The best solution to unpopular policies is more of the same.
  • The MSM shouldn’t change a thing.  The only biased news organization is FOX News, which is an obvious mouthpiece for the Republican party.  CNN, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, and the rest of them needs to keep doing what it’s doing, ignoring ratings problems and falling circulation.  Never mind FOX: despite taking more and more of the market share, only complete cousin-fucking idiots watch it.  As elites, you’re smarter than them.
  • Fight hard against any efforts to repeal ObamaCare.  It’s the country’s only hope.
  • Complain often about partisan politics and the lack of civility.  Everyone sees that the Republicans are the uncivil ones.

I’m curious to see how the economy will fare now that the Obamessiah has decided to pay attention to it.  In any event, it’s going to be an interesting two years.

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