April 2014
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Iron Chef Meets Steel Biceps

Michelle “Pipes” Obama to appear on Food Network’s Iron Chef:

Michelle Obama is to be the first presidential wife to appear on a reality TV series.

The First Lady will make a guest appearance on ‘Iron Chef America’ which features British cook Nigella Lawson as a judge.

The episode of the popular series, which pits well-known chefs Michelle "Pipes" Obamaagainst each others, has been filmed at the White House and will be aired in the New Year.

Many of the ingredients for the meals prepared in the show were chosen from the recently planted White House vegetable garden.

Mrs Obama agreed to take part in the show to promote her campaign of healthy living.

It is the first time a First Lady, or even a member of the White House staff, has featured in a TV reality show.

The move is likely to open up the White House to more criticism over its increasing links to Hollywood.

The American people voted in a celebrity, not a leader, so these links to Hollywood aren’t surprising.  It’s dismaying, though, to see that there really is nowhere to turn when it comes to seeking to avoid coverage of the Obamessiah or his angry, pinch-faced wife.  The relentless outpouring of gushing praise for every last thing they do is wearying, and it would be nice to find a corner of life that they haven’t invaded.

Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool for the pointer.

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