April 2014
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Welcome to Digital Biscotti


Digital Biscotti is my personal website.  After having run the group blog The Waterglass since its inception in August of 2003, I have decided to step down and run my own site.

Food, politics, current events, adoption issues, books, movies: all are grist for my mill.  Other things will also be discussed, many of which will be palatable to all, some incomprehensible to most, and a few somewhat personal.

The header at the top of the page was photographed and designed by me.  I also baked the biscotti pictured.  It’s likely that I’ll improve the header image over the course of weeks and months and years, or at least alter it some.

My intent is to inform and entertain.  I hope you have a good time while you’re here.

6 comments to Welcome to Digital Biscotti

  • Von

    First!! Sorry, looking forward to the new site.

  • Joshua

    Wow! I learned all about this just today. I was working a lot the past week and hadn’t got my The Waterglass on in a while, and there weren’t many new posts and such, so I checked things out over there and… kablamo! My brother has cut n’ run from The Waterglass! And he formed a whole new personal blog over here!


    I mean. Wow!

    I don’t know what I’ll do as the New Editor n’ Chief of The Waterglass, but I sure am glad to be able to post on the DigBis (that’s the slang for Digital Biscotti for the unfortunately hip).

    Best of bests on the blog!

  • Joshua

    Post comments, that is! Heh heh. Well, catcha later! 8P

  • Von

    The truth is, Joshua, that David really wants me to draw cartoons for him and this was really the easiest way. Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you!!