April 2014
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Welcome to The Waterglass 4.0!

Welcome to The Waterglass 4.0!  Established in March 2003, The Waterglass has a long (in blog years) tradition of insightful, unabashed, often-humorous-but-not-only reporting on the news of the day.  We offer news, entertainment and opinion. 

We were a group blog, once.  David had opinions on the right side, I had on the left, and other members of The Waterglass had their unique take on the issues of the day (including, we should remember, Morgan’s excellent investigative reporting on the goings-on in Pennsylvania politics, and Ray’s historical insights, and Aggie’s quotes of the day, and Jill’s posts on golf).  Our views were not monolithic, and we had areas of agreement, along with disagreement. 

And then there was one.  Now, The Waterglass has a new Editor-in-Chief, namely, me.  Ah, The Waterglass spills to the left now, does it?  As Editor-in-Chief, I will do my level-headed best to keep our motto true: “Still at 50 percent.”

Some immediate changes:  The Waterglass has a channel on YouTube.  We have a new color, some new quotes, and some new links. 

Upward and onward!


2 comments to Welcome to The Waterglass 4.0!

  • jill

    A YouTube channel?! Wow.
    There was a little article in Time magazine this week about media bias and they made an interesting point–intentionally moderate coverage of the news is also a bias. So I say, allow yourself to stray from 50% at least a little bit.

  • Joshua

    It’s an interesting article and gives pause for reflection. I hope not to provide middle ground between two far flanked nutjobs, as the article puts it. Despite that experts can be wrong, it is good to consult those experts, as they provide much of the neccesary information to understand the debate. Plus, it is just pure reporting to report both far flanking nutjobs’ views, when such views are newsworthy and/or entertaining to read. I think most of what we understand from the media has to be filtered by us, and approached with a desire to be as impartial as possible. Bias always creeps in, and we should acknowledge it. But we shouldn’t be slaves to it.

    Glad to see you commenting, Jill! I hope the YouTube channel will grow, and if there’s some videos you’d like to see on that channel, please let me know!

    (I’m like totally into exclamation points these days!)