April 2014
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Departures and Opportunities

After having administrated The Waterglass since August of 2003, I have decided to step down, move on, and spend my energies elsewhere.  035

I hold absolutely no rancor toward anyone here, especially my brother and fellow blogger Josh.  I simply feel that The Waterglass has progressed past my own personal desires, and it is worth maintaining as a blog and an idea.  However, it will do so without my further input.

I will work with Josh to help him adjust the look and feel of The Waterglass to something more personal to him, and I hope I will be allowed to comment here in future.  I have no doubt whatsoever that through his efforts, The Waterglass will go on, even flourish.

For my part, you can find me on my new website Digital Biscotti.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Take care, and thank you very much for reading what I have written for the last few years.  It will be very interesting to see what Josh does with his (old) new space.

Take care.


4 comments to Departures and Opportunities

  • jill

    good luck with your new site, david.

  • Joshua

    Uh. Hey! How’s it goin’? Guess I’m the New Editor n’ Chief over here, huh? Well, I don’t know what changes I’ll make over here. I’ll think about it over the weekend and come up with something.

    I have to say that a large part of the joy of this blog, and one of its selling points, was that not only was it a group blog, but of two brothers with apparently divergent points o’ view.

    Well, The New York Times had to get a new editor sometime, and like all great news sources, The Waterglass must now come under a new stewardship. There’s a long history here, and the internet has dependeded on us to deliver the goods on the issues of the day. I mean, google “jenkem” or “types of donuts” or “anti-Obama mob” or “spinach flu,” and we’re at the top of the heap! There’s a RESPONSIBILITY here that can’t be shucked off like so much shucked corn.

    Heady stuff. And, like Von says, “horsenuts!” But The Waterglass will continue, so long as it remains fun.

    In the meantime, best David and DigBis!

  • I have no doubt that divergent points of view will continue here, in some fashion or other.