April 2014
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Redefining Beauty

Angry, pinch-faced woman named one of the 100 most beautiful people:

Michelle Obama, who has achieved celebrity status and has wowed the world as a fashion icon, made the list for the first time.

“I had a father and a brother who thought I was beautiful, and they made me feel that way every single day,” Obama told the magazine.

“I grew up with very strong male role models who thought I was smart and fast and funny, so I heard that a lot. I know that there are many young girls who don’t hear it. But I was fortunate,” she added.

Beauty doesn’t mean what it used to.

Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed, and prosperous.  He will demand you to spread the wealth around.  And you'll do it with a smile.

6 comments to Redefining Beauty

  • Joshua

    I know that you won’t stop, but I want to go on record in saying that I don’t think its right to make fun of how Obama’s wife looks. I think its fine to criticize her words and actions, but to criticize her looks is not polite, nice, or appropriate.

    There, I’ve said my peace.

  • Seeing that the media went after all of my candidates and their families in the most ugly fashion imaginable during the last election season, it’s a little bit too late now to whine about how your candidate and his family is being treated.

    If you don’t like that I disagree with People magazine’s lowering the bar significantly to include non-attractive people in their 100 most beautiful people list, scroll past the post or address the topic.

    One thing I didn’t notice during the last several months were any complaints about, say, Saturday Night Live making fun of Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter, or the New York Times claiming that John McCain was having an affair. Outside of myself making them, that is. Your concern for propriety is partisan, and you have no room at all to try to take me to task for that.

    The lesson here is, as it has been since the election, that being on the defensive isn’t as much fun as attacking all the time. And as long as the Obamessiah’s nails are sticking up all nice and shiny, and as long as the media that elected him continues to act as partisan shills, I am going to gleefully wield the hammer.

  • Also, I wanted to add that had you expressed your concern privately, I would’ve taken a different tack here.

    But you chose to complain in public, which I assume was a deliberate choice, and shows very clearly how real this sudden concern for propriety truly is.

  • Joshua

    I never made fun of McCain’s family or anybody else’s family and I’ve thought those attacks are wrong. I chose to state this publicly because you have chosen to criticize her publicly. I meant no ill will, since this blog is about public debate, as we are now having.

    The only people who read this blog are you, me and people looking for information on jenkem, anyway.

  • Thinking those attacks are wrong and stating so so long after the fact doesn’t gain you any cred; it’s too late now to claim some cheap grace. Especially after supporting the candidate who had the support of those who made some particularly nasty attacks against the other guy.

    One of the reasons I voted for McCain was not because he was a good candidate, but because the Obamedia pulled so hard for Obama. Voting for Obama was tacit support of the advocacy media culture that spawns and builds up such unacceptable candidates and gets them elected.

    Congratulations: you’re part of the problem.

  • Joshua

    Thank you.