April 2014
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Swine Flu Apocalypse? 0.0000025% of the World’s Human Population Dead

The American Butthash Media is going hog wild over the Swine Flu.  Get a grip, people (no pun intended).  I think it’s awful that 150 people died of the Swine Flu, but comparatively speaking, its very, very few people.  What gets folks worked up is that it spreads person-to-person and that WHO has upgraded the threat level on it.  WHO does this because they take all of these things very seriously and have a “better safe than sorry” attitude.  Caution, not panic, folks. 

But the ABM is doing their part.  Consider this recent CNN headline:

WHO raises pandemic alert level; more swine flu cases feared

And what do they put in their story?

The World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert level Monday in response to the outbreak of swine flu that originated in Mexico, as the global count of confirmed cases increased and governments initiated various steps to try to stem the spread.

Dr. Richard Besser, the CDC’s acting director, said … “I fear that as we continue to look for cases, we are going to see cases in this country that are more severe — individuals who are hospitalized… And I would not be surprised if we see deaths in this country.”

At the end of their story, they put in this fun little factoid:

In 1968, a “Hong Kong” flu pandemic killed about 1 million people worldwide. In 1918, a “Spanish” flu pandemic killed as many as 100 million people.

Roughly translated:  “According to CNN, we’re all gonna die of the swine flu.”  No, we’re not all going to die of the Swine Flu, folks.  But that’s not what the ABM wants you to read.  Consider these headlines:

Swine flu: ‘We are in God’s hands. It feels like anything can happen’Mexicans return home from trips abroad to find their country transformed by the swine flu virus

U.S. ‘concerned’ as swine flu rages

World battles swine flu as death toll rises

B.C. swine flu victim ‘sickest I’ve ever been’

FACTBOX: New flu strain kills more than 140

Pig farm suspected as ground zero

Too little, too late:  Mexico should have learned the lesson of SarS

The Wrap: Tabloids let loose on swine flu fears

40% of the UK could be infected by swine flu pandemic

Obama OK after Mexico trip

Swine Flu spreads to Europe

In pictures: Swine flu spreads

Calm down, folks.

2 comments to Swine Flu Apocalypse? 0.0000025% of the World’s Human Population Dead

  • A vastly entertaining post; it shows clearly how the ABM is ginning up maximum fear in order to get maximum ratings.

    We typically say, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Now we can say, “If it snots, it’s hot.”

    I don’t know what the pun is with the whole “get a grip” thing. Care to respond?

  • Joshua

    Grip is a pun for “grippe,” a type of flu.