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Federal Charges for Ohio Man who Had a Fecal Emergency On-Board Airplane

Only 30 minutes into a Delta Airlines flight, Joao Correa, who ate some bad Honduran food and got a serious case of “the shits,”  was sitting in his coach-class seat when realized he had to go so bad he might poop his pants.  He dashed to the bathroom, but it was blocked by the drink cart.  He pleaded with the flight attendant.  Unmoved by Mr. Correa’s plea, the flight attendant did not speed-up drink service nor attempt in anyway to let the guy get to the coach-class toilet.  Mr. Correa pleaded to go to the vacant business-class toilet.  He was refused, because it is against government regulations to go to a toilet that is not in your seating class.  Here’s what happened next:

When the cart wasn’t moved after a few minutes, Correa said, he ran for the business class lavatory. He said the flight attendant put up her arm to block him, and he grabbed it to keep his balance. A Delta flight attendant said Correa grabbed her right arm, pulled it down and twisted it, according to authorities.

The man was arrested after the plane landed in Atlanta after a three-hour flight and Correa was held for two days in jail, authorities said. He was charged with interference with a flight crew, said Gregory Jones, head of the FBI in Atlanta, and released on bond after appearing before a U.S. magistrate.

“I’m devastated,” the Concord, Ohio, man told the paper. “I’ve never had any event with the police in my life.” Correa could not be reached Wednesday by The Associated Press. A message was left on his home telephone.

The original story by the Antlanta Constitution-Journal is here, complete with a picture of Mr. Correa and an online poll asking what you would do in a situation like this.  Almost 92% say they would run for the bathroom, too.

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  • I think that the little dictator masquerading as a stewardess needs to find another line of work. If the guy had a bathroom emergency and insisted on using the bathroom, she should’ve stepped aside rather than try to physically block him. Arresting someone’s movement can also be considered a form of assault, and I hope that Mr. Correa sues the stewardess and the airline. She way overstepped her bounds here.

    There’s no one alive who can’t sympathize with Mr. Correa; it’s a nightmare world we’re living in when a rude air waitress, drunk on authority and armored with a uniform (remember, the self-importance of the average imbecile increases at least a hundredfold when the imbecile dons a uniform), physically tries to block a man from using the bathroom in an emergency, then makes an assault complaint when she’s moved out of the way.

    Please do not take this to mean, however, that I hold all flight attendants in contempt. I only hold Stephanie Scott in contempt, and I will do my best to avoid Delta Airlines in the future. As someone who travels occasionally for work, my business means something.

    Is “the shits” a medical term? Does it have a legal definition?

  • Big Ed123

    Doesn’t anyone remember Gerald Finneran??

    Google his name!! I don’t know how to set up the links.

  • Joshua

    Gerald Finneran pooped on a service cart:


    But he did NOT have “the shits.”

  • Without a clinical definition of “the shits,” there’s no way to tell if Gerald Finneran had them or not.

  • Joshua

    I think if you compare Mr. Correa’s and Mr. Finneran’s actions, you will conclude that Mr. Correa had “the shits,” and Mr. Finneran simply pooped.

  • I will do no such thing.

    You’ve lost a reader.

  • Joshua

    We’ve lost a website administrator.