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TOTAL NUT RECALL: Peanut Corp. of America: “live cockroaches, mold and water dripping from the ceiling”

Do YOU know where your peanut butter is?  Well, if you do… THROW IT OUT!  Get rid of all your peanuts!  The PB Plague, the Great Peanut Salmonella Outbreak of the 21st Century is not over yet, folks:

The Food and Drug Administration said Peanut Corp of America would expand its recall to all peanut products produced at its Blakely, Georgia plant since January 1, 2007, after agency inspectors found more strains of salmonella at the plant.  The salmonella outbreak that has sickened more than 500 people. The recall has already affected close to 200 products in the United States, Canada and Britain, from crackers to dog treats.

Michael Rogers, head of FDA’s field investigations, said the company’s internal records revealed situations in 2007 and 2008 where the firm’s own testing program had identified salmonella contamination in a product. But, after getting a subsequent negative test, the company resumed shipping products, Rogers said.

The FDA’s plant inspection report revealed a number of deficiencies, including evidence of cracks in the floor, live cockroaches, mold and water dripping from the ceiling in an area where finished products were stored.  Inspectors noted that the plant lacked adequate facilities for hand washing and a sink in the peanut butter room was used interchangeably for cleaning hands, utensils and washing mops.

Two grocery chains have announced recalls. Giant Food of Landover, Maryland, and The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co of Quincy, Massachusetts recalled their store brand ice cream sundae cones. ConAgra Foods Inc said its Peter Pan brand is unaffected by the expanding recall.

And what does the American Peanut Council , the captains of the peanut industry, have to say about all of this?

The American Peanut Council said it is working closely with the FDA and other regulators “to fully understand the extended product recall.”

The American Peanut Council is a voluntary private trade association that represents all segments of the American peanut industry.

The FDA report is here.  The FDA webpage on the salmonella outbreak is here.  The FDA list of recalls is HERE.

4 comments to TOTAL NUT RECALL: Peanut Corp. of America: “live cockroaches, mold and water dripping from the ceiling”

  • Why don’t you just calm down.

    The recall doesn’t include peanut butter bought and eaten as peanut butter, but rather peanut paste and similar products that aren’t peanut butter.

    You’re just trying to scare people out of eating their Jiffy for reasons that escape me. Stop trying to gin up Peter Pan Panic and stick to the facts.

    Do they have peanut butter in Poland?

  • Joshua

    I present nothing but facts.


  • Joshua

    The only thing we have to fear is, peanuts itself.