April 2014
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More Bacon Doughnuts

Because some joker’s wife thought I was making it all up, I thought I would post a collection of links that talk about bacon doughnuts:

Here is a recipe from someone who makes bacon doughnuts.  For some of us, there might be more credibility to the link because the person who posted it is an Obama supporter.

And here’s a link to someone who made a poor man’s bacon doughnut: he just sliced some doughnuts in half at Dunkie’s and stuck doughnuts inside.

This person has a photo of a celebrity chef eating a bacon doughnut; it is obviously not Photoshopped.

And here’s a photo of a collection of bacon doughnut cheeseburgers, to top it all off:

Just because Romania lacks the technology to create morsels of deliciousness like bacon doughnuts, it doesn't mean they don't exist.

5 comments to More Bacon Doughnuts

  • Joshua

    I am proud to say that I did not follow one of those links.

  • I’ll remember that.

  • Joshua

    Look: donuts are sweet, not salty. Anything in or on the donut should be sweet, not salty. If you find anything salty in or on the donut, it means that some terrible error has ocurred. This is especially true for donuts with glaze or filling.

    Putting bacon on a donut is simply going against what a donut fundamentally is. ERGO, as soon as you put bacon on a donut, IT CEASES TO BE A DONUT. Putting bacon in or on a donut fundamentally alters the existence of the donut, turning it into something other than donut. Therefore, bacon donuts should not be called bacon donuts, but rather bacon-pastries. Your whole post-premise is thus misleading.

    And all of those stories and all of those pictures that you link to are fake jokes purported by weird people who post weird things on the internet and they should not be taken seriously.

  • What we have here are two debate fallacies going on: denial of facts and moving the goalposts.

    Before, I posted about bacon doughnuts, and after your initial “EWWWWW!” (without ever having had one, I might add), you said you didn’t actually think there really was such a thing as a bacon doughnut, as if I’d made the links and story up. So, in another post, I provided further evidence of bacon doughnuts. After admitting that you hadn’t even looked at the evidence, you then tried to move the goalposts by redefining doughnuts to include only things you think should be doughnuts.

    In previous doughnut-related posts, you also did this, as if through the redefinition of terms, you could become master of the debate about doughnuts (the Master ‘bater, as it were). If you control the terms, you control the debate. I don’t accept your authority over which terms mean what, as is my right. I believe that you have spent too much time in Europe, where their governments seek to categorize everything (so that they can better control and/or regulate everything). An example is the dozens and dozens of classifications of cheeses in France, or the rules for the cooking and ingredients of chocolate in Belgium. Here in America, we have the freedom to call a doughnut that has not had its essential nature altered a doughnut, without having to resort to ludicrous sub-classifications of pastry products. Note that I am not engaging in a false appeal of authority by suggesting that bakers throughout the world would agree with me, because I don’t have to.

    In short, a doughnut with bacon on it is still a doughnut, even if you find the idea disgusting or otherwise unpalatable.

    And finally, you admitted that you hadn’t even examined the evidence of bacon doughnuts, despite my painstaking attempts to prove that such things are not only made, but eaten, and eaten by people who enjoyed the experience. This denial of facts, laid out for you as a Thanksgiving meal is laid out upon a dinner table, significantly lessens your credibility.

    Bon appetit!

  • jill

    i was cool with the bacon donuts, but the cheeseburger thing is going too far. now they’re taking it out of the breakfast category all together.