April 2014
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“Make it special.”

Every diner’s nightmare:

Fulton Police have arrested two employees at the McDonald’s Restaurant in Fulton after police say they spit in an Oswego police officer’s sandwich. 30-year-old Phillip Dunbar and 35-year-old Jeremy Hankey have both been charged with criminal tampering.

Police say a uniformed officer driving a patrol car went through the drive-through window and ordered a Chicken Snack Wrap sandwich.

Gulp.  And…and then?

Hankey advised Dunbar that he was making food for “a cop” and to “make it special.” Dunbar then spit into the sandwich, wrapped it up, and sent it out for delivery to the officer, who ate the contaminated meal.


That’s truly horrible.  I hope that everyone learns Philip Dunbar and Jeremy Hankey’s names and never forgets them, nor hires them in any food service job of any kind.  In my perfect world, spitting, peeing, or otherwise deliberately contaminating food like that would be a capital offense.  It’s…it’s evil.

Even he wouldn't eat the spit sandwich.  I hope.

3 comments to “Make it special.”

  • Joshua

    Those two kids in that picture are monstrously fat. The one kid, pointing to something off camera, looks like the Michelin Man. There is something extremely wrong with America and the parents of those two McDonaldLand Horrors to let things get this out-of-hand. I don’t know what David Korn’s 4 year old daughter would think of this, but if she did find out about the Brothers Pudge over there, David Korn would have a hard time explaining how they got to be how they are.

    I notice that salad and other non-fried eats are not pictured. I also notice that the cup the Michelin Kid is drinking from is SuperSized. How old do you think that kid is? I’ll bet he’s not older than 3 years. But he’s built like a Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman. Goodness gracious. Those kids must be stopped, somehow.

    And where are the parents of these Lard-Loving Lumps of Flesh? I’m sure they’re back at the counter, ordering up 77 hot apple pies ready-to-eat. Shame on the parents for taking them to McDonalds. Not even 8 continuous hors in the McDonaldLand PlayGround would burn enough calories to make a visible difference.

    I’m appalled.

    What was this post about? Oh, right. The spit in the burger thing. That’s gross. What the hell is wrong with you for posting a story like that?

  • He’s probably older than 3.

    And his name is David Corn, not Korn, and his son has got to be older than 4 by now. This joke has gone on for at least a couple years already.

  • Joshua

    David Kcorn’s 4 year old is in a perpectual state of 4-year-old-ness because David Ckorn lacks the ability to explain complex life matters to her. She will never develop intellectually until he can properly explain the “off-colour” joke Laura Bush told a few years back.

    And that kid is no older than 3. Three and a half, tops.

    If McDonald’s sold bacon donuts, you can bet your bippy he’d be first in line.