April 2014
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“We got the corned beef…I got the corned beef.”

Corned beef!  CORNED BEEF!

President-elect Barack Obama grabbed his lunch to go Friday and artfully dodged a question about the auto industry woes he’ll inherit.”We got the corned beef,” Obama said as he made his way around the counter at Manny’s deli. Asked by a reporter what he thought about the auto industry, he responded with a smile: “I got the corned beef.”

Congress has been debating whether to provide billions in financial help to the Big Three automakers, who are warning about economic disaster if they go under.

Manny’s is a popular hangout and campaign stop for Chicago politician.  Mayor Richard Daley stops by on occasion.

“Rahm Emanuel sends his regards,” Obama told deli workers, referring to his chief of staff. “I ordered him his corned beef.”

“Artfully dodged?”  A reporter asked him about the auto industry and he answered with a non-sequitur about deli meat.  It’s this kind of fellating of President Obamessiah from the press that’s most disgusting about the entire election.  Get real, for Christ’s sake.  And let’s look at the expression “artfully dodged.”  Is there anything more hackneyed than that?  Why didn’t Ann “I HEART OBAMA” Sanner just mention Obama’s “trials and tribulations,” as well?

And this isn’t the first time The Obamessiah has answered questions with food replies: “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” he famously whined.

Corned beef.  Corned beef.  I'm an excellent President.  Excellent President.  5 minutes to Wapner!

4 comments to “We got the corned beef…I got the corned beef.”

  • H. Justin Cosell

    This is a preposterous statement to make. The Bush peeps put their children in the same prestigious schools. The Bush/Kennedy NCLB (really should be called No School Left Standing) bill did nothing to improve the situation. Get over it – you are jousting at windmills – the man has yet to start – and when he does, there will be improvement – and then the Obama girls will go to public schools. No doubt about it. I teach in the public schools – I would love to see you put your children in them as well. WOULD YOU? . . .

  • This comment properly belongs in the thread talking about President Obamessiah’s kids going to private schools, rather than President Obamessiah discussing corned beef in response to a question about the auto industry.

    All I will say here is that I went to public schools from K – 12. As did my wife, her sister, and the other two writers of this blog, all of whom are extremely intelligent people. Any further discussion about education belongs in the proper thread.

    This thread is about corned beef, though in honor of H. J. C. I will expand it to include the question of whether or not corned beef sandwiches, when covered with a very thin slice of bread on the top half, would prefer to wear a toupee, and if the toupee would be pumpernickel or marbled rye. So, what’s the story?

  • Zelda

    I am personally a little disgusted by the notion of ANY hair on sandwiches, so let’s just stop the discussion right here. Thank you.

  • Joshua