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It’s an Incredibly Stupid Idea to Vote for Obama

Simply put, if you vote for Obama, are thinking of voting for Obama, or already voted for Obama, you need to have your head examined.

With just about every other candidate for POTUS for many decades, there’s been a vetting process.  This process takes place in both the press and in public life: the candidate is investigated, his past decisions are evaluated, his persona is exposed to scrutiny.  However, this has not happened with Barack Obama for two reasons.  The first reason is that he hasn’t done very much in his life that would merit evaluation.  The second is that the press, AKA the MSM, AKA the ABM, has decided that he needs to be the next President, and will do everything it can, individually and in aggregate, to make sure that comes to pass.  The media is not just in the tank for Obama: they’ve got their collective noses buried into his pubic thatch.  Frankly, I’m amazed that any of them can breathe.  And the little we do know about Obama, the little that has escaped despite the Obama campaign’s best efforts, is extremely bad.  His personal associations are sickening, his wife is an America-hating shrew, and his ego is the size of Jupiter.

Let’s first talk about Obama’s meager accomplishments.   He’s a former community organizer.  Despite the definition, it’s a meaningless title.  It confers little authority.  It shows no management experience.   And the associations, especially in Chicago, are disturbing.  Despite an extremely thin resume, he managed to find the time to write two memoirs.  Two memoirs.  Think of the ego required to do such a thing, and the appalling lack of self-regard.  His voting record as a U.S. Senator shows that in 2007, he was the country’s most liberal senator.  It also shows that he voted with his Democrat colleagues 96% of the time.  That’s an amazing consistency there, and doesn’t really reflect a past history of change.  It shows that there’s no left or far left of center cause he will not champion.

His foreign policy record is troubling to anyone concerned that there may still be some Muslim terrorists out there with a hard-on for the U.S.  As for repairing alliances with old Europe, I’d like to see evidence that such alliances are in disrepair.  There’s a difference between an alliance that needs repairing and the French people whining about America, which is what they’ve done since WWII.

He very obviously doesn’t understand the purpose of U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and is going to appoint justices who believe more in the stomach-churning notion of social justice than interpreting the U.S. Constitution, the highest law of the land.  Sorry, but the Lily Ledbetter case wasn’t about social justice; it was about a woman who waited almost two decades before making a case, and was rightly refused a payout on that vitally important rationale.  Imagine a majority of Supreme Court Justices legislating from the bench: unelected philosopher-kings creating rights out of whole cloth.  That’s what we’ll see in an Obama administration: the bootheel of social justice stomping the teeth out of your individual rights.  One right that will be created, no doubt, will be the right to health care, which may be one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  Where does this right to health care originate?  Where does it end?  What about other made-up rights like the right to food (I mean, you need food more than you need a doctor, most of the time) or the right to safety?  Who’s going to support this fatuous, made-up right to health care?

Obama’s grasp on economics is tenuous, at best.  His plan to “spread the wealth around” might sound nice in a Robin Hoody way, but to anyone who lives in this country, makes a living, and wants to keep the money he’s earned, it’s a disquieting notion.  Because spreading the wealth around means taking money from earners and giving it to non-earners.  He’s going to take away your pie to give it to someone else.

Obama’s personal associations are extremely disturbing.  What we know about him is pretty meager, so we have to learn more about his through his friends and acquaintances.  So who do we have?  Well, we have domestic terrorist William Ayers, who but for a general incompetence in bomb wiring, would have killed many more people than he managed toObama launched his political career in the man’s living room: something that should give any serious thinker pause.  What about the Reverend Wright: his former spiritual advisor?  Wright’s anti-semitic, racist church is a strange place to choose to pray in when religion comes to you later in life.  Obama’s connection to Palestinian terrorists is likewise distressing; as a Jew, I can’t imagine why any other Jew would want to vote for him.  He married an angry, pinch-faced woman who characterizes the U.S. as a mean country, a place she hasn’t been proud of at all until her husband ran for President.  That’s who the Obamessiah rolls with.

As for the press, their conduct in this election season is absolutely disgusting.  I can now think of no lower thing to call someone than a journalist.  If the MSM had spent half its time and effortin investigating the Obama-Ayers connection as it had upending Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher’s life or alerting us as to Sarah Palin’s wardrobe budget, there would be no unanswered questions left.  The media coverage has been horribly slanted against McCain, and according to Politico, it’s McCain’s fault.  Liberal bias in the media and in education has been said, on this very site, to be a non-issue because there was a Republican President and a Republican majority in Congress.  Well, now it’s looking more and more likely that there’s going to be a Democrat majority in Congress: I pray God that it can become an issue again in that event.  Bottom line: to vote for Obama is to support left-wing media bias, and to do so knowingly and without shame.

Ultimately, to vote for Obama is to vote for a far-left socialist with disturbing personal ties and no real experience.  That may be what some of us want, but the American people deserve better, both from the Democrat party and from the media.

The upsides, however, are manifold: first, an Obama Presidency should be an easy thing to point to when the usual race hucksters tell us how racist Americans are.  Second, we’ll have the government take over many aspects of our daily lives that previously we were personally responsible for, so life may be a bit easier.  Health care will become a right.  I sure hope they find a right to owning a Playstation 3 in that Constitution there along with the other pieces of social justice we’ll be subject to.  And every thing that goes wrong, from bridges collapsing to hurricanes to fallen arches we can blame on Obama.  Everything.  It’s what they did to Bush for eight years, so turnabout’s fair play.

I can hardly wait.  Have fun being on the defensive, Democrats.  You can’t blame Bush for everything forever, you know.

2 comments to It’s an Incredibly Stupid Idea to Vote for Obama

  • Joshua

    But why is McCain a better choice? What will he do in office that will make him a good president? Is it enough to just “not be Obama?” If so, you should vote for just anybody not named Obama.

  • He’s a better choice because he’s all the things Obama is not.

    And to vote for anyone other than McCain is to throw your vote away. It’s silly to write someone else in or to vote Nader or something. Those people have no chance to be elected.

    In any event, this is a discussion for the “Why Vote for McCain” thread, and I’m not going to write any more about it here in this space.