April 2014
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TV Just Sucks Now

Well, it’s official: they’re canceling The 4400.  I very much enjoyed the show since the start, but not as much as I liked Journeyman, which is also canceled.

Journeyman‘s last episode was one of the best of the season, really poignant and thought-provoking, and it’s a shame it’s done after only one season.  Part of that might be, admittedly, that I like Kevin McKidd quite a bit from his roles as Vorenus in Rome and Cooper in Dog Soldiers.

Television these days is a crapshoot almost as fraught with potential pitfalls as dating.  For every show with a beginning, middle, and end like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alias, there are heartbreakers like Carnivale and Threshold.  However, I won’t blame my fellow Philistines for not watching the sort of tripe I most enjoy.  I’ll just keep my lips glued to the glass teat, as it were, and hope my next favorite show makes it through enough seasons for its story to be properly told.

Whatever it turns out to be.

5 comments to TV Just Sucks Now

  • The writers strike has a lot to do with it. The major networks want to give a big F.U. by canceling the shows with mediocre ratings and putting on reality television in its place.

    Regardless of the strike, it is pretty rare to get a good program to last more than a few seasons. If it’s popular, the actors typically go on to do movies. Shows like Twin Peaks, Threshold and Lost can only last so long before the storyline goes too far to get new viewers. If the networks were smart, they would put all of their episodes online to allow people who are just getting into the show to catch up.

  • Joshua

    I never heard the expression “glass teat” before.

    T.V. = glass teat.

  • Von

    They are canceling Journeyman!!?1? Damn, thanks for ruining my Christmas!

    I noticed the other night that they are resurrecting Medium. I thought that was quite strange since it hasn’t been on for a long time.

  • Tom

    Dave, Do you watch a lot of TV?

  • Not as much as I’d like!