April 2014
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Media Bias, or Business as Usual?

The always erudite Karl at Protein Wisdom brings to light that the American Butthash Media printed plenty of stories about Iraq when the news was bad, but now that the news is better, rather than reporting that, they’re simply ignoring it and printing stories about other things.  Visit the site for the entire article.

The American Butthash Media’s left-liberal bias has been discussed many times here as well, and an interested reader can do a search on it.  My contention is this: because the ABM is a business, not a service, and that its second command is “if it bleeds it leads/spread fear, uncertainty and doubt” (the first being “sell more papers”), this non-reportage of better news in Iraq may just be in service to that ideal rather than an anti-war/anti-administration slant.  The ABM rarely chooses to do follow-up stories once they’ve ginned up fear.  It’s more profitable to simply move on to the next crisis, rather than providing the reading public with a full picture and the entire context.

2 comments to Media Bias, or Business as Usual?

  • I’ve always thought to get good news you need a number of sources, including international sources. Sadly to many organizations, news is a headline and entertainment.

  • It’s the same reason why the media didn’t question Congress when they bowed to the President and improved the recent war spending bills. They know it would just bring up Iraq which would be positive press for the President and this administration. You can’t good news like that with an election coming up.