April 2014
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What go aroun’ come aroun’, mmm hm.

Remember the sick assholes who were making fun of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre?  Well, one of them has received some richly deserved payback:

Nathan Jones, one of the Penn State University students who dressed for Halloween as a Virginia Tech shooting victim, said the controversy has cost him his job.

In an e-mail Friday, Jones said he was asked to resign Thursday from his post at Bank of America or be fired.

“They were worried that my name may be attached to the Bank of America brand, and that this controversy would lead to a scandal,” he said.

Photos of Jones and another Penn State student were posted on Facebook and caused a national outcry.

In interviews with several media outlets, including an on-camera piece on CNN this week, Jones refused to apologize.

“Things are going to be hard now, especially since I have no outside support. … However, even though I will be starving over the holidays and my credit cards will all default, I still will not apologize,” he wrote.

Hee hee, hee!  That’s a great Christmas present.  Hopefully he can eat his costume and defaulted credit cards to keep from starving.  If he starves to death, will his friends dress up in skeleton costumes at his funeral?

(Thanks to Dave in Texas from Ace of Spades for the pointer.)

3 comments to What go aroun’ come aroun’, mmm hm.

  • Even more amusingly, the idiot put his ‘costume’ up for sale on eBay in an attempt to keep milking the debacle for all the attention he could get and to make some extra bucks. eBay promptly removed the item from the site.

  • Joshua

    Those peeple should grow up, ya know?

  • What? Are you saying that there are actually consequences for one’s actions?

    Don’t worry, Nathan. The world can always use another rodeo clown.