April 2014
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School Shooting in India

How did the boys acquire a gun?

A schoolboy has been shot dead by two fellow students at a school campus near the Indian capital Delhi, police say. The 14-year-old was killed instantly after being fired on at the private Euro International school in the suburb of Gurgaon, police said. Indian TV channels named the dead boy as Abhishek Tyagi. Police say they believe one of the boys they are questioning managed to smuggle his father’s gun into the school and hid it in a toilet. After school closed for the day, the boy and one of his friends retrieved the gun and took turns to fire five shots at their classmate, killing him on the spot, Mr Lal told the BBC. The BBC’s Jyotsna Singh in Delhi says the dead boy’s father is in the transport business and the two boys in detention are the sons of property dealers. Mr Lal said police would be questioning the parents of one of the boys in custody about the gun. “Those who are given an armed licence are required to ensure that the weapon is kept in a secure place away from innocent children.”

Though gun control laws are strict in India, more and more people in places like Gurgaon own guns because they are a symbol of power and prestige in caste-ridden and feudal northern India. The number of gun licenses in the suburb, according to a report, has shot up from 95 in 2005 to nearly 300 already this year.

It is another matter that the close circuit cameras were scrapped more than a year ago after teachers complained that they were too intrusive.

3 comments to School Shooting in India

  • David

    Interesting that in this BBC article, the idea that closed circuit cameras has arisen; the Brits have one of the most surveilled societies in the world, with CC cameras everywhere.

    Care to respond to the query posed in the “Coffee Bukkake Man” thread?

  • Chip Mango

    Quite! You can’t bloody go to the loo without Big Brother watching you!


  • Von

    One might even be a little leary of shooting one’s load anywhere if one lived in that society.