April 2014
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Recent Anti-War Movies

Captain Ed talks about the recent spate of anti-war movies coming out of Hollywood, noting that the American public doesn’t seem terribly interested in having a bunch of moneyed, morally preening elites tell it what’s right and what’s wrong.

Going on the criteria of 1) entertaining, and 2) thought-provoking, it’s pretty clear that the current films haven’t cut the mustard…at least here in the U.S.  It’s entirely possible, even likely, that our European betters will give movies about American G.I.’s raping children a warmer reception; we do tend to like things that reinforce our worldview, after all.  What, then, is the difference between Redacted and Valley of the Wolves, which was written about here?

Eventtually, the American public will wake up and realize that Hollywood despises it and finds its mores and culture contemptible.   How many more box office failures like Rendition will it take?

4 comments to Recent Anti-War Movies

  • But, Dave, this film is important! The film critics said so.

    It’s obvious that the American people have had enough of the leftist drivel that Hollywood has been pumping out in recent years. No one wants to pay $12 to be preached to for two hours. They want to escape and forget about whatever daily troubles they have.

    In other words, Hollywood and its movies are nothing more than a distraction just like the local sports team or circus. Any time they try to do anything more than entertain us, more often than not they fall flat on their face.

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  • Joshua

    I think the criteria you mentioned are right on the money. I also think it will be relatively easy to avoid films with Zane and Busey, considering they’re all playing at 3 a.m. on basic cable, and I don’t even think basic cable exists anymore.

  • David

    I found United 93 to be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

    I doubt I’d feel the same about Rendition if I’m ever forced to see it. But I know who I’d be rooting for.