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Botulightning Strikes Twice in Same Place

Cattle Drive Chili claims another victim:

A second Maui man might have contracted botulism after eating a nationally recalled product.

On Friday, Keith Regan, 35, checked into the Maui Memorial Medical Center, where he was told that he has a mild case of botulism. He was released that afternoon.

“It’s kind of a shock,” he said. “I just wish there’d been more warnings with the (food) labels that are familiar to us in Hawaii.”

Regan, of Wailuku, last ate a can of Cattle Drive chili on July 20, a day before the chili maker, Castleberry’s Food Co., recalled more than 90 brands of chili, stew and other food products that could contain the poisonous bacteria.

Several of the Augusta, Ga., company’s products have been removed from store shelves in Hawaii. Regan bought the chili from Costco in Kahului, which has since stopped selling the products.

What were the poor man’s symptoms?

Regan ate about three-quarters of the can with nachos before having flulike symptoms that afternoon.

“It felt like I was just sick,” he said. “I was feeling very tired, loss of energy, kind of lethargic.”

He also had diarrhea and a tingling sensation in his head and shoulders. Later, he had tingling and pain in his fingers, and his vision began blurring. Through the week, however, the symptoms began to diminish.

Friday, after learning through e-mail about a Maui man sickened after eating a recalled product, Regan immediately went to the emergency room.

Doctors told him it was likely botulism and that it could take months for the symptoms to subside while the toxin worked its way out of his system.

THROW IT OUT.  Do not eat it with nachos.  Do not eat it in a box.  Do not eat it with a fox. 

Diarrhea and disease-producing product

3 comments to Botulightning Strikes Twice in Same Place

  • At this point, if people are eating still eating chili from cans that they’ve had for weeks at this point, then it is clearly natural selection at work. If you live in Hawaii and have been taking a chance on these cans, put the kidney beans in your ears, the pinto beans in your nose then leap into the nearest active volcano.

  • Joshua

    There’s trouble brewing in the Alhoa State! Throw out the hot dog chili sauce, folks. Next time you reach for that can of hot dog chili sauce, just ask yourself this question: Do you feel lucky today? Huh, do you? Because if you DO feel lucky, then you should just tear open that can and wolf it down like there’s no tomorrow… because there won’t be, as you will have contracted botulism.

  • [...] it’s entirely possible that Keith Regan was simply hungover, and did not contract botulism from canned chili: A state Department of Health official yesterday [...]