April 2014
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More Hot Dog Chili Sauce, Anyone?

An alarming story from Biloxi, Mississippi:

 BILOXI – A D’Iberville woman says the chili sauce she bought from a store in South Mississippi could have been contaminated with botulism… Eva Fountain, 61, says she shared a potentially bad can of the Castleberry’s Food chili sauce with her husband and two grandchildren. Fountain told The Sun Herald newspaper on Wednesday that she called the company and it confirmed the can she purchased at the D’Iberville Wal-Mart was part of the recall. Fountain said that as of late Wednesday, no one in her family had shown any symptoms of botulism.

After the nationwide alert on the total recall of hot dog chili sauce, how could the Fountain family have eaten a can of Casteleberry’s chili sauce?  Answer:  they fell into an information gap while traveling.

Fountain said she purchased the can last week before the recall was widely publicized and left for a camping trip before she heard about the recall.

You can’t be too careful, folks.  Throw out the hot dog chili sauce.  Do it now.  And for goodness sakes, if you have friends or family on vacation, at all costs you must warn them of this Peril; don’t let them be victims of an FDA warning information gap.

2 comments to More Hot Dog Chili Sauce, Anyone?

  • Chip Mango

    that the fountains didn’t “get the message” about the recall speaks volumes about how much sheer information there is out there to be parsed, graded and comprehended. who in this world can really know every food warning that comes down the pike? its bloody difficult.

  • David

    I think that anyone who puts canned chili sauce on a hot dog is suspect.