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Inmate Flogs Bishop, Earns Two More Months in Clink

Perversion in Florida:

A Broward prisoner accused of committing a sex act while he was alone in his jail cell was found guilty Tuesday of indecent exposure.

Terry Lee Alexander, 20, unsuccessfully fought the charge, which had been brought by a female Broward Sheriff’s Office detention deputy who saw him perform the sex act in his cell in November.

In reaching the guilty verdict, jurors found that an inmate’s jail cell is ”a limited access public place” where exposing oneself is against the law.

The judge sentenced Alexander, of Lauderdale Lakes, to 60 days in jail, on top of the 10-year sentence he is currently serving for armed robbery.

The sole witness in the case, BSO Deputy Coryus Veal, testified that Alexander did not try to hide what he was doing as most prisoners do. Veal saw him perform the act while she was working in a glass-enclosed master control room, 100 feetfrom Alexander’s cell. There was no video tape or other witnesses.

Alexander’s attorney argued that the prison cell was a private place and that what Alexander was doing was perfectly normal.

”Did other inmates start masturbating because of Mr. Alexander?” McHugh asked Veal. “Did you call a SWAT team?”

”I wish I had,” Veal answered.

Veal, who has charged seven other inmates with the same offense, insisted that she was not against the act itself — just the fact that Alexander was so blatant about it. Most inmates, she testified, do it in bed, under the blankets.

Veal said this was the third time she caught Alexander, and she had had enough.

In the end, it took a jury of four men and two women only 45 minutes to find Alexander guilty. Broward County Judge Fred Berman sentenced Alexander to 60 days in jail.

I really don’t think that a SWAT team should have been called on the guy for jerking off.  I really don’t think that.

Criminal Masturbator

2 comments to Inmate Flogs Bishop, Earns Two More Months in Clink

  • Joshua

    “In the end, it took a jury of four men and two women only 45 minutes to find Alexander guilty.”

    I really think the jury should have deliberated longer. This is a landmark case that defines the space within which prisoners inhabit.

    I also don’t think it’s right to put a scarlet letter on the guy’s forehead; hopefully it will wash off in time.

    At any rate, with 10 years already on his sentence, I’m sure he can do those extra two months standing on his head.

  • He’ll wear that Letter of SHAME the remainder of his days, or when he stops masturbating. Whatever comes first.

    Probably the former.