April 2014
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Kroger and Meijer Are on the Hot Dog Chili Sauce Flu Watch, Too

It’s not just Castleberry’s, you know; Kroger and Meijer are recalling some products, too:

 A recall of canned meat products by a Georgia food processor includes several Kroger and Meijer house brands…

 The Kroger brands being recalled include: Kroger Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 10-ounce can; Kroger Beef Stew, 15-ounce can; Kroger Chili With Beans, 15-ounce can; and Kroger Chili No Beans, 15-ounce can. The Meijer brands are: Meijer Hot Dog Chili Sauce, 10-ounce can; Meijer Chili No Beans, 15-ounce can; Meijer Chili With Beans, 15-ounce can; and Meijer Corned Beef Hash, 15-ounce can.

You can be sure that The Waterglass will keep you updated on all developments related to  food recalls and, especially, The Great American Hot Dog Chili Sauce Botulism Outbreak of ’07.  Stay in the know!

2 comments to Kroger and Meijer Are on the Hot Dog Chili Sauce Flu Watch, Too

  • Kroger brand items are sold in stores I shop in.

    Are the cans themselves contaigous? What if I walk by one and catch botulism?

  • Joshua

    No, of course not; you’re just being silly. Kroger brand foods that are not part of the total recall of Our Nation’s hot dog chili sauce or other foods listed by the FDA as unsafe because of disease are perfectly safe to eat. And remember: you can’t catch botulism just by touching an unopened can of hot dog chili sauce. You have to open it up and upon such time it will spray in your face or otherwise involuntarily or voluntarily set its botulism imprints into your body. This is why its so dangerous to hold onto those cans of hot dog chili sauce: they are tempting you, daring you to open them so that the botulism can escape and roam free in your back yard.

    Do the right thing: throw out the hot dog chili sauce. And if you see these brands of hot dog chili sauce in your local supermarket, alert the proper authorities immediately.