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“MIracle Dog” Headlines from Around the World

Following up on the amazing (some would say incredible) story of a dog that performed the Heimlich Manoeuvre on Ms. Debbie Parkhurst, 45, are a selection of related headlines from around the world:

Canine heroics: a doggone mystery

Toby’s ‘Heimlick’ rescue (get it? HeimLICK? hee hee!)

Dog saves owner with modified Heimlich

Retriever Saves his Owner from Choking to Death: Thanks to the efforts of her pet Golden Retriever, Debbie Parkhurst is alive today

Dog-tor’s new trick saves his choking owner

Labrador owner all choked up as dogsaves her with Heim(lick) manoeuvre

The Heimlich man-woofer

Woman Claims Her Dog Performed Life-Saving Heimlich Maneuver

Dog performs Heimlich maneuver, owner says

Dog saves choking woman

Retriever did Heimlich on me: owner

New leash on life after choking: Owner in U.S. claims dog saved her life with Heimlich manoeuvre

Hero dog saves owner’s life: A dog helped save the life of his owner by jumping on her chest which moved a piece of apple stuck in her throat.

Dog Performs Heimlich Maneuver?

This last one provides some new information:

Word spread fast. It?s tough to find anyone in nearby Rising Sun who hasn’t heard of Debbie and Toby. ?I think it’s pretty like pretty spectacular a dog actually can sense what’s going on and actually help somebody out like that? says Mike Hryckewycz of Rising Sun.

Some say she’s just lucky. Doug Donley says, ?for a dog to know what action to take if you’re choking, that’s not likely.” Either way, she’s alive to talk about it. Debbie says, “I was in that house? I know what happened. I saw him and that’s all that matters, I?m here.” But she doesn’t have the apple. “Yes he ate the apple. I know it’s disgusting but everybody’s been asking that today”

Toby shouldn’t even be here. Two years ago, he was rescued from a dumpster. Debbie adopted him a short time later. Debbie says, ?I want people to learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver, and I want them to adopt dogs like him. Look at this, nobody wanted him and now look.”

There’s also some new information from this headline:

Wonder dog is all golden: Woman claims pet pooch gave her the Heimlich

?I know it sounds a little weird, but I think he had a sense of what was happening,? Parkhurst said Monday. ?Of all the dogs in the world, I never would have expected this goofy one here to know the Heimlich.?

As strange as Parkhurst?s story might sound, Toby?s actions actually followed the emergency measures recommended for choking victims by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. Both agencies recommend first aid responders use a series of five back blows followed by a series of five abdominal thrusts, otherwise known as the ?five and five.? ?I have no idea where he learned it from,? Parkhurst said. ?But can tell you that I?m going to peel and mash my apples from now on.?

There are some doubters out there that say Ms. Debbie Parkhurst is making all this up; that she’s a fake. It’s a horrible thing to be called a fake – it wounds you so deeply. But anyway, since only two people were in that room — Debbie and the dog — we’ll never know whether Ms. Debbie Parkhurst is a fake or not.

The story broke by the Cecil Whig, a newspaper, serving Cecil County, Maryland since 1841.

“Owner Debbie Parkhurst said she received dozens of interview requests from media outlets all over the nation Tuesday ? the day after the Cecil Whig broke the story of the 2-year-old golden retriever that saved her life Friday by performing the Heimlich maneuver on her. By midafternoon Tuesday, Parkhurst had fielded calls from such television programs as ?Good Morning America,? the ?Late Show with David Letterman,? numerous Balti-more and Washington, D.C.-based news programs and other media outlets including CBS radio in Los Angeles, the BBC and even a Swedish newspaper.

?It?s just been incredible,? Parkhurst said of all the attention her otherwise rambunctious pet is receiving. ?Toby has no idea about all the attention he?s been getting today.?

Veterinarian Doug Foreman of the Cherry Hill Animal Hospital, who?s been Toby?s doctor for years, said he?s never heard any story of a dog performing the Heimlich in the 22 years he?s been in practice. ?How he knew what to do I?ll never know,? Foreman said. ?I really feel like it might have been some kind of miracle, because Toby isn?t what you would call the most-trained of dogs. In fact, he?s about the last dog I would expect to do something like this.?

Incredibly, just a year ago, Toby almost lost one of his legs, Foreman said. ?Mrs. Parkhurst brought him in last year because he had a terrible limp,? he said. ?We feared it was cancer and I honestly thought we might have to take the leg.? Foreman said was relieved to discover, after several biopsies, that Toby was instead suffering from a severe infection.

?Toby?s actions are even more coincidental given his history,? Foreman said. ?It?s almost as if this may have been the hand of God.? Parkhurst said she and her husband are considering whether to accept an invitation to the ?Late Show? tonight followed by ?Good Morning America? on Thursday. ?It?s all so overwhelming,? she said. ?I?m very shy, but I?m so proud of Toby, we just might do it.?

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