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Meterologists come out swinging

Responding to Weather Channel meteorologist, Heidi Cullen’s blog on revoking the AMS Seal of Approval for anyone who doesn’t agree with global warming findings, another meteorologist, James Spann put out his own blog explaining that most meterologist actually don’t subscribe to the theory. Spann goes on to say that most global warming hype is tied directly to research money which would dry up if the theory went away.

Well, well. Some ?climate expert? on ?The Weather Channel? wants to take away AMS certification from those of us who believe the recent ?global warming? is a natural process. So much for ?tolerance?, huh?

I have been in operational meteorology since 1978, and I know dozens and dozens of broadcast meteorologists all over the country. Our big job: look at a large volume of raw data and come up with a public weather forecast for the next seven days. I do not know of a single TV meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype. I know there must be a few out there, but I can?t find them. Here are the basic facts you need to know:

Billions of dollars of grant money is flowing into the pockets of those on the man-made global warming bandwagon. No man-made global warming, the money dries up. This is big money, make no mistake about it. Always follow the money trail and it tells a story. Even the lady at ?The Weather Channel? probably gets paid good money for a prime time show on climate change. No man-made global warming, no show, and no salary. Nothing wrong with making money at all, but when money becomes the motivation for a scientific conclusion, then we have a problem. For many, global warming is a big cash grab.

The climate of this planet has been changing since God put the planet here. It will always change, and the warming in the last 10 years is not much difference than the warming we saw in the 1930s and other decades. And, lets not forget we are at the end of the ice age in which ice covered most of North America and Northern Europe.

There must be much more open debate on the subject of global warming, not less. This is the only way we will get to the bottom of the subject. Lord knows we rarely get to hear more than one side of the subject from the media. When scientists begin advocating the censuring of those that do not agree with them, then the concepts of science have truly been lost to those people.

2 comments to Meterologists come out swinging

  • mark

    It’s funny, you Republican types never seem to be able to explain exactly how these scientists are supposedly making so much money on global warming. Anyone who knows actual scientists knows scientists don’t do their work for money, and no good scientists would actually propose a false theory just for funding.

    On the other hand, it’s a well-known fact that Exxon-Mobil and the oil industry pay millions of dollars for global warming denial. They stand to lose profits if Americans were to consume less oil.

    I guess in right-wing fantasyland, all scientists and environmentalists who take seriously climate change or any other environmental issuse are all part of some sinister agenda, trying to deceieve people for money. On the other hand, poor little oil CEOs, well-paid pundits, are only interested in bringing forth the truth. Kind of like the tobacco companies…

  • Morgan

    Here’s news: I’m not a Republican. I think they suck almost as bad as the Democrats. I also don’t give a fig about the oil companies.

    I plan on buying a hybrid in the summer. Not because I think the environment is endangered from global warming, but because it would be cost-effective for my wife’s commutes.

    You obviously didn’t read my article. I wanted an open debate on global warming. You environmentalists want us to change our entire lives for the sake of something that may or may not be happening, but you don’t want us to question it. Drink the Kool-Aid and shut up! Well, I am not shutting up because the science behind the global warming is specious at best.

    Climate scientists can’t predict what is going to happen in a month let alone 100 years. Remember the panic that was caused when they said 2006 would be a strong year for hurricanes. How many hurricanes hit the U.S. in 2006? Zero.

    They just don’t have enough knowledge of this planet’s weather to make those kind of sweeping determinations right now. I’m not saying that anthropegenic(human) warming is not occurring. I am saying before we set fire to our cars and live in mud huts, can we first try to find out a little more information about world?