April 2014
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I thought he did it

Twelve years after a jury found him “not guilty”, football star and pariah, O.J. Simpson has come out with a book entitled, “If I Did it” about how he would have committed the murders. According to FoxNews.com, there will be several interviews with him on FoxNews starting on November 27th.

LOS ANGELES ? O.J. Simpson will tell FOX “how he would have committed” the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in an interview to air later this month.

Simpson, who was acquitted of the crimes in a 1994 criminal trial, agreed to an “unrestricted” interview with book publisher Judith Regan. The two-part interview, titled “O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened,” will air Nov. 27 and Nov. 29.

“O.J. Simpson, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes,” FOX said in a statement. “In the two-part event, Simpson describes how he would have carried out the murders he has vehemently denied committing for over a decade.”

The interview will air days before Simpson’s new book, “If I Did It,” goes on sale Nov. 30. The book, published by Regan, “hypothetically describes how the murders would have been committed.”

Just when I though the news or publishing industry couldn’t go any lower with their sensationalism, they burrow down to the very depths of hell. The fact that Fox News and Judith Regan are willing to give this man any time just show that they are willing to do literally anything for money or ratings.

No one involved in a murder case should benefit from that crime let alone the former accused. Yes, he was found innocent by a jury of his peers, but that does not give him license to mock the two murder victims or their families. How could O.J. forget that one of the victims was Nicole Brown Simpson, the mother of his children? I hope the money that O.J. is getting for the book and the interviews go a long way to paying for his children’s therapy. The wounds that he is about to tear open run very deep.

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