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Un-named Sources: Armitage Leaked Plame’s Name to Novak

Sources: State Department official source of Plame leak

“WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was the source who revealed the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame to syndicated columnist Robert Novak in 2003, touching off a federal investigation, two sources familiar with Armitage’s role tell CNN. The sources said Armitage revealed Plame’s role at the CIA almost inadvertently in a casual conversation with Novak, and it is not clear if he knew her identity was classified at the time. Armitage was not indicted by the federal grand jury that investigated the disclosure of Plame’s name to Novak and other journalists…

Armitage, 65, was No. 2 at the State Department under former Secretary of State Colin Powell from 2001 to 2005. He left his post after Powell resigned at the beginning of President Bush’s second term.”

2 comments to Un-named Sources: Armitage Leaked Plame’s Name to Novak

  • I’m so glad that that’s cleared up. The sleepless nights, the hours and hours of pacing, the eager clicks of the REFRESH button a thousand times every day on the Fox News website…it’s all over.

    I don’t know about you, but I feel like…I don’t know…like a mother who’s just given birth. Or a guy who’s had half a pound of Metamucil. The relief is staggering.

    Sarcasm aside, I hope this means that we won’t have to hear any more about Plame, Wilson, or this whole story any more. I know that once it became such a big deal we, as independent bloggers, have a self-imposed obligation to bring it to light, but there’s still so little meat here that it’s like trying to eat last year’s Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Last Year's Thanksgiving Turkey

    Yeah. It’s enough already.