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The Most Covered Tropical Storm in U.S. History

Ernesto on Wednesday rampaged across Cuba like a two-year old would stomp across my living room knocking over knick-knacks and staining my carpet. The tropical storm could have gust of winds as much as 60 miles per hour which is basically as much as any other storm. According to Fox News and CNN, the storm could become a strength two hurricane by the time it reaches Florida.

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said Ernesto could reach hurricane strength by the time it makes landfall on the Florida mainland. The storm was expected to strengthen as it approached the Keys and southeast Florida as early as Tuesday night ? exactly one year after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast.

“Make sure you have the supplies for the 72 hours after the storm,” Gov. Jeb Bush warned residents Monday in Tallahassee, a day after declaring a state of emergency for all of Florida. “A hurricane’s a hurricane, and it has a devastation we’ve already seen. All you have to do is rewind to last year and see.”

Currently, Ernesto is breaking up over Cuba with winds around 45 MPH. It will reintensify slightly as it reaches the Florida Keys, but it will never reach hurricane status and all of these news shows know it.

It is exactly one year after Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Why not memorialize the occasion by scaring the old folks in Florida? Yes, even a tropical storm can be dangerous, but it doesn’t require panicking people, making them run to the grocery store and then filming them as they riot over milk and bread. The media will hype every storm over a drizzle for the next year, then they wonder why people become so cavalier when real hurricanes begins to form. Let’s keep the weather data in perspective and save the panic button for when we might actually need it.

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  • I look forward to the race-baiters and grievance pimps coming out of the woodwork once Ernesto hits, claiming that it was all the white man’s fault.

    Especially that whitest of white men, Bush.

  • The thing is (race baiters aside) you never really know where the hell those things are going or what they’re going to do until they’re almost on you. Precaution and bracing for a hurricane is a very wise thing. It’s like a gun. It’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it- I say this with plenty of experience, living on the Texas Gulf coast where I voted for that whitest of white men and would do so again. What can I say. Worrying about hurricanes all the time has made me just a bit crazy. LMAO

  • No one in human history has ever said, “I wish I wasn’t so prepared.” The problem is that terms like “self-reliance” and “preparedness” aren’t taken seriously; most people just expect the government to bail them out of trouble:


  • And are STILL waiting. Just recently here in Houston the local power company told Katrina refugees (shoot me for using that word, I don’t mind) that their power was going off in September to BE PREPARED. They’ve had their electic bills covered by FEMA for the past YEAR and you should have seen the uproar over that.

    One woman was shown on the news saying that her son would get violent if he couldn’t watch cartoons. Others were shown wringing their hands and wondering how they would manage in this heat.

    Now I know that not everyone that came here from Katrina is able to work, but the majority are able bodied. Get off your ass and find a job I say.

  • Morgan

    That’s what I am talking about, Diane. Preparation is one thing, but what is happening is that the news is bent on stressing their viewers out to the point they can do nothing but watch the news and weather 24 hours a day.

  • I’d comment further, but I need to get back to the TV.

  • Do you have trackback capability or is that turned off? I wrote a post just now I think references this one to a point.

  • No, unfortunately I don’t have trackbacks enabled here. At any rate, I appreciate the link and have reciprocated.

  • Ahhh, thanks! Did you see the Mr. Bill video? LOL