April 2014
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Huffington Post Writer Wishes for Another 9/11

I sure hope his party wins control of Congress this November:

If an attack occurred just before the elections, I have to think that at least a few of the voters who persist in this “Bush has kept us safe” thinking would realize the fallacy they have been under.

This jackal’s whole post needs to be read in order to get the full effect. Honestly, though, it’s pretty appalling. I know a lot of people don’t want to vote because they don’t think that there’s any difference between the two major political parties, but they’re idiots. I also want to make it clear that I don’t think that everyone on Russell Shaw’s side of the aisle possesses the same politically-motivated homicidal ideation by proxy (to coin a phrase), but he represents a voice in the Democratic party that has yet to be marginalized out of existence the way, say, Patrick Buchanan was out of the Republican party. If the progressive left doesn’t work harder to make sure that people like Shaw don’t speak for them, then the only reasonable assumption will be that Shaw’s a member of the mainstream left.

(Thanks to Ace for the pointer.)

2 comments to Huffington Post Writer Wishes for Another 9/11

  • Morgan

    I think Russell Shaw’s hypothesis is completely wrong. Another attack would just prove that Bush was right and the political Left was wrong. When attacks on the U.S. occur, the trend is for the masses to move towards the conservative agenda and pull behind the government and the sitting president.

    The longer we go without being attacked, the longer people will feel at ease and no longer feel the need to pursue terrorists. Despite this fact, I hope we never again see another terrorist attack like the one we did on 9/11.

  • von

    Morgan’s right. How can anyone that has been yapping about there being NO TERRORIST THREAT seriously come back after another attack, and say that the President isn’t protecting us from terrorists.