April 2014
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Just a Few Things

1) Salisbury, Maryland is a nice enough place to visit, but I’d rather take an ASP tactical baton to the kneecaps than live there. The humidity was such that you swim rather than walk.
2) Frontier Airlines’ customer service seems to be slipping a bit, despite the addition of personal TV sets in every seat back. At least they don’t charge you for food, yet.
3) Jury duty the day after a long, exhausting business trip to Salisbury, Maryland sucks big-time wiener-wads in the sky. I’d rather eat a plateful of Mr. Brain’s Faggots than do that again.
4) Getting caught up on news and opinions and blogs and good posts here is almost as exhausting as a business trip to Salisbury, Maryland, but much more fun.

2 comments to Just a Few Things

  • In Defense of Salisbury Maryland, home of the Best Salisbury Steak This Side of the Mighty Mississip’:

    Salisbury is a wonderful place. Nestled in the heart of the Chesapeake, in beautiful Wicomico County, Salisbury is home to the Autumn Wine Festival and many other wonderful attractions. Please visit our website:


    By the way, I am Mighty Offended at the use of foul language in your “post,” and demand the removal of the derogatory word for homosexuals and it’s blatantly offensive link. Obviously, someone made a JOKE and MOCKERY of sexual orientation.

  • Dear Mr/Ms Mayor:

    I hope that you’ve received permission from Nestle’s, Inc. for the gratuitous use of the term “nestled.” This site will not be held responsible for copyright violations of any kind.

    Also, if you would, please inform Tracie, a waitress employed at the Salisbury Bob Evans restaurant on Rt. 13 that “dry toast” means that the toast in question is to be served without butter or any lubricant of any kind.

    Thank you!

    Waterglass Admin