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An Overinflated Ego Knows No Ideological Bounds

Did you ever see that movie The Star Chamber, with Hal Holbrook and Michael Douglas? The plot is that a group of judges, sick of the way certain violent criminals are let go because of technicalities in the law, set up a private judicial system where criminals who are let go because of some legal snafu are judged again, and when found wanting, murdered by a hit man. These judges expressed a great deal of outrage that the law couldn’t protect innocent people from these animals. After seeing it a few nights ago, I thought it was fairly silly on many levels, but especially because the judges didn’t reserve any anger and/or judgment for the sloppy police officers and stupid D.A.’s who couldn’t get their cases together properly (which led to the criminals being set free). They’re the ones that screwed up.

Now look at Kathleen Parker’s diatribe against me, Morgan, Josh, and the rest of the blogosphere (except for “professors, lawyers, doctors, philosophers, scientists and other journalists who also happen to blog,” which means that Josh will eventually gain Parker’s respect while the rest of us slobs will still be groveling around in the dirt):

There’s something frankly creepy about the explosion we now call the Blogosphere – the big-bang “electroniverse” where recently wired squatters set up new camps each day. As I write, the number of “blogs” (Web logs) and “bloggers”(those who blog) is estimated in the tens of millions worldwide.

Although I’ve been a blog fan since the beginning, and have written favorably about the value added to journalism and public knowledge thanks to the new “citizen journalist,” I’m also wary of power untempered by restraint and accountability.

Say what you will about the so-called mainstream media, but no industry agonizes more about how to improve its product, police its own members and better serve its communities. Newspapers are filled with carpal-tunneled wretches, overworked and underpaid, who suffer near-pathological allegiance to getting it right.

Seriously, now: have you ever seen anyone so insulated from reality in your entire life? Like no other industry in the world thinks about the same issues Parker is holding up as the MSM’s greatest virtues. And people bitch that the President lives in a bubble. Come on. After a lot more insulting, here’s the kicker Parker comes up with:

Schadenfreude – pleasure in others’ misfortunes – has become the new barbarity on an island called Blog. When someone trips, whether Dan Rather or Eason Jordan or Judith Miller, bloggers are the bloodthirsty masses slavering for a public flogging. Incivility is their weapon and humanity their victim.

Rather than jump on the people that “tripped,” Parker goes all Star Chamber and judges everyone else. Rather deliberately used obviously forged documents to smear a sitting President in an effort to foil his chances for reelection, possibly the grossest misuse of journalistic power of our time since Duranty lied about the conditions in Stalin’s USSR, but he just “tripped,” and it’s the bloggers who are terrible for exposing him. You can’t make this stuff up.

Congratulations, Ms. Parker: you’ve officially declared yourself obsolete. Now go and get your fuckin’ shinebox.

I hope that was adolescent and caffeinated enough for you, sweetheart.

5 comments to An Overinflated Ego Knows No Ideological Bounds

  • Morgan

    Kathleen Parker is not concerned about accountability or or even restraint of the blogosphere (I hate that term). She and other “journalists” have realized that they are going to be called to the carpet on every mistake that they do from now on.

    We as a community will be watching every article they put out and hammer them whenever they get any of their facts wrong. No longer can the media make blatant accusations with no evidence or fabricated evidence.

    This is why the media is so quick to discredit the blogging community. They don’t want to be questions or held accountable when it comes to their stories. When their collective feet are held to the fire, the begin to lose creditibility with the public. The Internet community has become a militia patrolling the articles that come out each day and it scares the crap out of them.

  • Egg-zactly. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Joshua

    It’s all about boundary maintenance; the MSM feels threatened and they try to make sure that they are different from the blogs. They want their MSM boundaries secure so the blogs don’t take money and prestige from them. As you know, the MSM is increasingly reliant on blogs for news items, even featuring them in their broadcasts and articles. I find the boundary maintenance amusing because it is an obvious attempt to create an artificial separation between them and the rest of the world. The boundaries are becoming less and less selectively permeable, however.

  • So the MSM-Blog interaction could be considered a form of osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane that the MSM is trying to keep impermeable.

  • Joshua