March 2011
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Yay! Hobbit Movie!

Yay!  Hobbit movie!

Filming on the two Hobbit movies has begun following months of delays caused by funding problems, a row over actors’ wages and surgery for its director.

Filming is taking place at Stone Street Studios, Wellington, and on location around New Zealand.

Production on the films, starring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, [...]

Japan Dead at 8,450: Japan Missing at 13,000: Nuclear Crisis Remains Serious

Nothing can be said to be “good” news:

Rikuzentakata fire chief: ‘I spend all day looking for the bodies of my firemen’

Electricity has been restored to three reactors at the Japanese nuclear plant wrecked by fire and explosions after the 11 March quake and tsunami.

However the cooling systems are not yet operating, and [...]

The Bombing of Libya 1 2 3

American and European allies bomb Gaddafi’s military to enforce a no-fly zone, all in the hopes of helping the rebels win the civil war in Libya.  Meanwhile, the Arab League, who endorsed the bombing at the beginning, are now furiously backtracking.  China and Russia and the African Union (whatever’s left of it) call for a [...]

Oh Fuk! Nuclear Crisis in Japan Mounts

Following a devastating tsunami, radioactivity from failing nuclear power plants is brewing in Japan:

The emergency flooding of two stricken reactors with seawater and the resulting steam releases are a desperate step intended to avoid a much bigger problem: a full meltdown of the nuclear cores in two reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power [...]


Alarming news from the great state of Colorado, where a man, on his own initiative, made Paczki.  Here are the harrowing pictures:

Brooklyn Hamster Dead: Teen Charged

A hair-raising story only for the not-faint-of-heart:

A New York teenager has been charged with a felony, with the possibility of a two-year prison sentence, for killing her family’s pet hamster, authorities said on Wednesday.  The killer, 19, of Brooklyn was arguing with a family member in June when she reached for the hamster, choked [...]

NPR: Nutty, Petty Rubes

NPR still has some of the best radio-news programming in the world.  However, like any other large organization, there are nutty, petty rubes.  Unfortunately, some of those are in the highest offices, as the recent NPR scandal reveals:

NPR president and CEO Vivian Schiller resigned Wednesday in the wake of comments by a fellow executive [...]

“Paczki are better than donuts” Claims Polish Baker

The War on Donuts had its Fort Sumter moment when a prominent baker of paczki (pronounced “paunch-kee”), a form of donut, claimed that “Paczki are better than donuts.”

While Fat Tuesday was an excuse for many New Yorkers to indulge their sweet tooth, in Brooklyn‘s predominantly Polish Greenpoint neighborhood it was the last chance to [...]

General Petraeus Sees Progress in Afghanistan

Telling we, the American people, what we want to hear (and we’re not there, so it may be true), General Petraeus sees progress in the 10-year-long Aghanistan War:

KABUL, Afghanistan — Besides well-reported advances in southern provinces, American and NATO forces have also been able to halt or reverse Taliban gains around the capital, Kabul, and [...]

Happy International Women’s Day

Today is March 8 and today is International Women’s Day.  Happy International Women’s Day!

(today it is customary to give a flower to women in your life)

“We fought them barefoot”: The Battle for Libya

Qadaffi uses all means of state violence to hold onto power while the Americans ponder airstrikes:

BREGA, Libya — From the feeble cover of sand dunes, under assault from a warplane overhead and heavy artillery from a hill, rebels in this strategic oil city repelled an attack by hundreds of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s fighters on [...]