February 2011
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Mubarak: I Ain’t Leavin’

“Bewilderment and anger:”

President Hosni Mubarak told the Egyptian people on Thursday that he would delegate authority to Vice President Omar Suleiman but that he would not resign, enraging hundreds of thousands gathered to hail his departure and setting in motion a volatile new stage in the three-week uprising.

As protesters began gathering on the [...]


Here’s a list of what the Republicans have proposed to cut from the budget thus far.  Included on this list are:

From programs that help minorities and other disadvantaged Americans:

Minority Business Development Agency   -$2M

Legal Services Corporation   -$75M

Rural Development Programs   -$237M

WIC   -$758M

Job Training Programs  -$2B

Community Health Centers  -$1.3B

Family Planning  [...]

What the Muslim Brotherhood Say

An Op-Ed in The New York Times by Essam El-Errian, “a member of the guidance council of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt” allegedly outlines “what the Muslim Brotherhood want:”

THE Egyptian people have spoken, and we have spoken emphatically. In two weeks of peaceful demonstrations we have persistently demanded liberation and democracy…

Our principles, clearly [...]

“Come here! Here is where’s right”: Who Are the Pro-Mubarak Protestors?

Violence between pro-Mubarak and anti-Egyptian government protestors broke out in Cairo streets. 

Tens of thousands of protesters who have reimagined the very notion of citizenship in a tumultuous week of defiance proclaimed with sticks, home-made bombs and a shower of rocks that they would not surrender their revolution to the full brunt of an authoritarian [...]

Mubarak Calls It Quits

Hosni Mubarak, the 30 year president of Egypt, will leave in September 2011:

Mr. Mubarak’s 10-minute speech announcing he would step down came after his support from the powerful Egyptian military began to crumble and after American officials urged him not to run again for president.

But Mr. Mubarak’s offer fell short of the protesters’ demands [...]

Yemen Leader Pledges Not to Seek Re-Election in 2013

More changes:

In the latest shock wave from protests across the Arab world, President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen sought to forestall new displays of opposition, announcing on Wednesday that he would not stand for re-election when his term expires in 2013 or try to hand on power to his son, news reports said.

The [...]

Amid Protest, King of Jordan Dismisses Government

The Middle East revolutions are spreading:

The king of Jordan dismissed his government Tuesday and appointed a new prime minister, a move follows protests calling for political reform.

King Abdullah II asked Marouf Al Bakhit to form a government that will implement “genuine political reform,” the Royal Court said in a statement.

The government will [...]

Fear Makes China Erase the Keyword “Egypt” from its Internet

So much for the power of the internet:

In another era, China’s leaders might have been content to let discussion of the protests in Egypt float around among private citizens, then fizzle out.  But challenges in recent years to authoritarian governments around the globe and violent uprisings in parts of China itself have made Chinese [...]

Revolution in Egypt

What’s the latest on the Egyptian Revolution?

Mubarak Loosening Grip on Power

The government of Egypt’s authoritarian president, Hosni Mubarak, shook Monday night, as the Egyptian Army declared that it would not use force against protesters demanding his ouster and, in an apparent response, Mr. Mubarak’s most trusted adviser offered to talk with the opposition…  [...]