October 2010
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Vote 2010

My soon-to-be-published writing project has taken a good bit of my time, as have my job and basically everything else I do with my personal life, which is why I only write here somewhat sporadically, and only about issues I find important enough to write about.  This election season is one of them.

Get out [...]

Critics of Stimulus Asked for Stimulus Money

What is the appropriate addage?  Is it do as I say, not as I do?

Rep. Pete Sessions, the firebrand conservative from Texas, has relentlessly assailed the Democratic stimulus efforts as a package of wasteful “trillion-dollar spending sprees” that was “more about stimulating the government and rewarding political allies than growing the economy and creating [...]

Negotiating an End to the Afghanistan War?

U.S. intensifies violence to pressure the Taliban to negotiate with the corrupt Afghan government:

Airstrikes on Taliban insurgents have risen sharply here over the past four months, the latest piece in what appears to be a coordinated effort by American commanders to bleed the insurgency and pressure its leaders to negotiate an end to the [...]

Obama Administration Defends DOMA, But Obama Thinks the Law is Discriminatory

Uh… What?

The Obama administration decided on Tuesday to appeal a judge’s rulings that prevented the U.S. government from banning same-sex marriages, a move that could undermine support among President Barack Obama’s traditional liberal base ahead of a key election.

The Obama administration filed a notice of appeal with the U.S. District Court for the [...]

Believe or Be Killed

This must be seen to be believed.

Imagine it: all the people involved with the production must have felt, on some level or other, that this was a good idea.

I cannot help but think that this is really the secret heart of left-wing environmentalism: all those AGW deniers and apathetic people who just won’t [...]