March 2010
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Rude? The Devil, You Say!

I…I don’t believe it.

The White House political and legislative operations were said to be livid with the announcement by several large U.S. companies that they were taking multi-million or as much as a billion dollar charges because of the new health-care law, the issue was front-and-center with key lawmakers. By last Friday, AT&T, Caterpillar, [...]

The True Purpose of ObamaCare

Max Baucus has the integrity to admit it:

“Too often, much of late, the last couple three years, the mal-distribution of income in American is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy and the middle income class is left behind,” he said. “Wages have not kept up with increased [...]

What U.S. Governments Force You to Buy

There’s a lot of talk about the government forcing people to buy health insurance.  The main argument against that, as far as I can tell, is that the government shouldn’t force anybody to buy anything.  Socialism, they call it.  State governments are lining up (or banding together, whatever analogy works for you) to legally protest [...]

“This is Slovakia — not North Korea.”

“This is Slovakia — not North Korea.”

If nationalists in Slovakia have their way, schoolchildren will soon be forced, each Monday at 8 a.m., to listen to the national anthem blaring out from loudspeakers across this small Central European nation.   As part of a patriotism bill that some school principals have derided as Pyongyang-on-the-Danube, state [...]

President Obamessiah Exhibits Civility

Here’s some more civility from Obama:

Speaking without his suit jacket, Obama suggested that opposition springs from “fear-mongering and plenty of overheated rhetoric.”

He added: “You turn on the news, you’ll see the same folks are still shouting about how it’s going to be the end of the world because this bill passed. …. Leaders [...]

What’s ObamaCare Done So Far?

Well, it’s costing Caterpillar $100,000,000 so far:

Caterpillar Inc. said Wednesday it will take a $100 million charge to earnings this quarter to reflect additional taxes stemming from newly enacted U.S. health-care legislation.

The world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer by sales, warned last week that provisions in the legislation would subject the company to federal [...]

Health Care Bill: Looking Back with Anger

Many Americans, but certainly not all, are angry about the passage of the health care bill.  Some snippets from a NYTimes article about this anger:

At least two Congressional district offices were vandalized and Representative Louise M. Slaughter, a senior Democrat from New York, received a phone message threatening sniper attacks against lawmakers and their [...]

What Does the Health Care Bill Do?

This is a big question, as the so-called health care bill encompasses many things, including student loans.  Let’s seek what wikipedia has to say on some of the key provisions:

Effective June 23, 2010

Adults with pre-existing conditions will be eligible to join a temporary high-risk pool, which will be superseded by the health care [...]

Mosquitos Used to Prevent Malaria

Genetic engineering of mosquitos to deliver anti-malaria vaccine:

They are normally transmitters of the disease, but mosquitoes could one day be used to tackle malaria after scientists developed a genetically engineered version of the species that can deliver a vaccine. Researchers altered the salivary glands of the Anopheles stephensi mosquito, dubbed a “flying vaccinator,” so [...]

Laughing Democrats

Ace discusses this.

They all seem quite pleased about this whole thing.  I’d be pretty embarrassed, myself.

To Stop (some, but not all) Abuses, Federal Government Changes Gift Card Rules

Weird fees, restrictions on use, and expiration dates for gift cards are to be federally regulated:

The Federal Reserve issued new rules on Tuesday to protect Americans from getting stung by unexpected fees or restrictions on gift cards.  Gift cards have grown in popularity — with more than 95 percent of Americans having received or [...]

ObamaCare Passed

President Obamessiah is about to sign a new healthcare bill into law. It’s time for a little plain talk.

This radical redefinition of 1/6th of the American economy puts the lie to the idea that Obama and the Democrat leaders in Congress are not seeking to push the country into socialism.  No serious thinker can [...]

U.S. House Passes Health Reform Bill


House Democrats approved a far-reaching overhaul of the nation’s health system on Sunday, voting over unanimous Republican opposition to provide medical coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans after an epic political battle that could define the differences between the parties for years.

With the 219-to-212 vote, the House gave final approval to [...]

Baby Barack Doll

The perfect gift for butthurt Obama voters concerned about their Messiah’s significant disapproval ratings.


Catholic Nuns Back Obama’s Health Care Reform

A coalition of Catholic nuns urge the Senate to pass health care reform:

In a rare public disagreement that will reverberate among the nation’s 70 million Catholics, leaders of religious orders representing 59,000 nuns sent lawmakers a letter urging lawmakers to pass the Senate health care bill. Expected to come before the House by this weekend, [...]