September 2009
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Mmm, mmm, mmm! Barack Hussein Obama!

Schoolkids are taught a new hymn to President Obamessiah.

CBS spins it thusly:

A video showing elementary school students learning songs praising Barack Obama for his “great accomplishments” and efforts to “make this country’s economy No. 1 again” is generating anger from conservatives today.

For my part, I’m not at all angry.  [...]

ACORN? What’s ACORN? Huh? Wha?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi professes ignorance regarding the defunding of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday she is clueless about an amendment to prohibit government funds for embattled ACORN, although it overwhelmingly passed the Senate Monday and the White House is calling for the group [...]

Pro-Life Activist Murdered in Michigan

Harlan James Drake

Murder in Michigan:

A man fatally shot an anti-abortion activist near a Michigan high school Friday, drove to a gravel pit and shot its owner to death and planned to kill a third man, but was arrested before he could act, a prosecutor said.

Harlan James Drake, 33, was charged Friday [...]

The Waterglass 3.0!

I’ve updated the look and functionality of The Waterglass.  Other cosmetic alterations will occur as I fine-tune it.

The photo at the header randomly changes when you refresh the page.  I’ll add more photos at my whim, though suggestions are welcome.

Gravatar support has been included.

The comment policy has changed; been made more loose.


Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, submitted by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely.

AP Shows Its Class

The Associated Press speaks truth to power.   And by “truth” I mean “telling Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the grieving father of a fallen Marine to go pound sand,” and by “power” I mean “ghouls and assorted shitbags”.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is objecting “in the strongest terms” to an Associated Press decision to [...]

Obama a Headache for the Obama Administration

Obama, ever in love with seeing himself on television, now sees the need to address American schoolchildren on September 8:

As if (we) parents don’t have enough to worry about as our children head back to school: flu season along with the swine flu, health in general, behavior, grades, homework, sports, relationships, drug use, teen [...]

Van Jones a Headache for the Obama Administration

Obama should slowly phase out the role of Van Jones.  He may have interesting ideas about the economy and environmentalism, but in light of things he has said and done in the past, its just not worth having him around the Obama administration:

A top environmental official of the Obama administration issued a statement Thursday apologizing [...]

Aliens. heeheeheehee!

Japan’s soon-to-be First Lady was apparently abducted by aliens from outer space:

Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan’s Prime Minister-elect, Yukio Hatoyama, is a lifestyle guru, a macrobiotics enthusiast, an author of cookery books, a retired actress, a divorcee, and a fearless clothes horse for garments of her own creation, including a skirt made [...]

Assholes. heeheeheehee!

A member of the Obamessiah Brain Trust calls Republicans “Assholes” in this clip.

It gets a good reaction; it’s Berkeley, after all.

This is your civility, right here.  Take a big whiff.

It’s all equal, though.  Both sides are at fault.  Dick Cheney told Pat Leahy to go fuck himself, then took a big, wet, [...]

Iran May Purge Universities of Professors in Social Sciences, Political Science and Humanities

Similar to the purges conducted under authoritarian socialist regimes in the former USSR and Eastern Europe, Iranian leaders are considering a purge of social sciences, political science and humanities:

As Iran’s universities prepare to start classes this month, there is growing concern within the academic community that the government will purge political and social science [...]

Poland Commemorates 70th Anniversary of the Beginning of World War II

Flags are flying in Warsaw, there’s a ceremony planned at the tomb of the unknown soldier, and high level dignitaries are coming from all over Europe to commemorate the 70th anniversary of World War 2:

GDANSK, Poland (AP) — Officials from across the Europe and the U.S. gathered in northern Poland on Tuesday to mark [...]