January 2009
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Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, submitted by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely.

TOTAL NUT RECALL: Peanut Corp. of America: “live cockroaches, mold and water dripping from the ceiling”

Do YOU know where your peanut butter is?  Well, if you do… THROW IT OUT!  Get rid of all your peanuts!  The PB Plague, the Great Peanut Salmonella Outbreak of the 21st Century is not over yet, folks:

The Food and Drug Administration said Peanut Corp of America would expand its recall to all peanut [...]

Activity Is Progress…

According to the Democrat party.  The new stimulus bill is larded up with enough pork to feed the Mexican National Guard, but we need to start spending that money now, or it’ll be too late!  Turn it on!  TURN IT ON!  TURN IT ON!!!!

Jake Tapper of ABC—quickly becoming the toughest questioner in the [...]

Rabbit at Rest: John Updike, Dead at 76

John Updike dead:

Updike passed away Tuesday morning after battling lung cancer. He lived in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts. “He was one of our greatest writers, and he will be sorely missed,” said Nicholas Latimer, vice president of publicity at Updike’s publisher, Alfred A. Knopf.

Updike was a rarity among American writers: a much-esteemed, prize-winning author [...]

Auschwitz is Crumbling

Concentration camp in Poland, the infamous Auschwitz, as an historical site is falling into disrepair.  An interesting slideshow from the BBC (with audio, if you want, but the captions are enough) shows how Auschwitz is crumbling.  Caution to the viewer, of course, as with any reality dealing with the Holocaust.

A “Save Auschwitz” campaign may [...]

Historic Soccer Match in Iran is Males Vs. Females

Iran is a large, complex society.  Not everyone is on-board with the way the country is being run, with the laws that govern that society.  Case in point:  A clandestine soccer match between men and women, the first since the Iranian revolution in 1979 that brought stricter Islamic law into Iran:

TEHRAN, Iran (AP)—The first [...]

President Attacks Radio Commentator

President Obamessiah, threatened by Rush Limbaugh, shows us what post-partisanship is really all about:

President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration. “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things [...]

Cheetahs Killing Gazelles: Old Video Finds New Life On-Line

Instead of new content, why not repackage old content and sell it in 3 minute increments on-line, laced with crappy advertising?  GOOD IDEA:

…at the headquarters of Discovery Communications … a small team of editors mines the 23-year-old video vault of the Discovery Channel for animal attacks, dinosaur animations and scientific oddities. Old shows that [...]

The Man from H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.

Today is David’s birthday!  Let’s all wish David a hapy, happy birthday!

The Waffle Will Never Be Finished

President Obamessiah, who famously whined to reporters who were *gasp!* asking him questions, “Why can’t I finish my waffle?” has another waffle moment:


President Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question.

Asked how he [...]

Obama and China


Is President Obama excited about working with China?  For the U.S., the Chinese can be difficult partners, considering China’s rise in the world.  No magic here, as America needs to take a realist position.  It would take more than parlor tricks to get China to vote with [...]

Princess Caroline Bows Out

Turns out there were “nanny issues,” which I suspect is code for her having hired an illegal or two:

Caroline Kennedy, who stunningly quit her push for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, is dealing with a “tax problem and a potential nanny issue,” a source close to Gov. Paterson said Thursday.”She was facing some potentially embarrassing [...]

President Obama Begins First 100 Days

President Obama begins his first 100 days in office.  The 100 day mark seems an arbitrary measure, but it has been popular for some time:

[It bgean in 1933].  It made a lot of sense. There was a real crisis atmosphere gripping the country. There were doubts about the survival of Democratic capitalism and the [...]

A Late Hit

Obamessiah supporters show true class and style at His inauguration:

The crowd packed on the west side of the Capitol grounds serenaded President Bush in mocking fashion when he took to the inaugural stage alongside Vice President Dick Cheney.

“Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye,” a section of the crowd chanted.

The crowd packed [...]

Bush’s Legacy: An Assessment by the National Review

How does the National Review assess the Bush Presidency?

After September 11, George W. Bush rightly conceived of his as a war presidency. We are now in a stronger position vis-à-vis our enemies than we were when he took office. Then they were gathering force. Now they are on the run. No further attacks on [...]