December 2008
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When in Doubt, Blame the Republicans

Helen Thomas forgets that the Republican party is the minority in Congress in this somewhat befuddled screed:

At this time of year, do the Republicans really want to play Scrooge with the nation’s beleaguered autoworkers?  Even President Bush — still the top Republican — sees the need to keep the U.S. auto industry alive and [...]

S.S. McKinney Limps Back to Port

One can’t help but snicker at this little tidbit:

A boat carrying international activists, including former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and medical supplies to the embattled Gaza Strip sailed back into a Lebanese port on Tuesday after being turned back and damaged by the Israeli navy, organizers of the trip said.

The crowds on the [...]


Turn ’round, say it again!

A South Philadelphia man enraged because a father and son were talking during a Christmas showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button took care of the situation when he pulled a .380-caliber gun and shot the father, police said.James Joseph Cialella Jr., 29, of the 1900 block of Hollywood [...]

Oh President Obamessiah! Give me your-

Derek Brown pens a masturbatory ode to a topless Barack Obama:

HE’S the world’s most powerful man, dashingly handsome and about to be sworn in as America’s first black President.

And if any blokes out there weren’t already feeling inferior . . . yes, Barack Obama also has a V spot.


President Obamessiah: The Only Virgin in the Chicago Brothel

Soon to be Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel seems connected to Blagojevich scandal in some small fashion:

President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, was pushing for Obama’s successor just days after the Nov. 4 election, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Emanuel privately urged Gov. Blagojevich’s administration to appoint Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, [...]

Things Seen in My Kitchen #2

Me: *washing an omelette pan*

Aggie: *comes in, peers* “I already washed that one!”

Me: “It had grease spots on the edge here.  See?”

Aggie: “I’m seasoning it!”

Me: *puts now-clean pan on cutting board* “You can’t season a non-stick pan, you doofus.”

Bush’s America: Killing Intellectual Engagement?

From author Jonathan Carroll, we are pointed to this article in The Village Voice that addresses literary tours and criticism on the blogosphere.  Interesting in parts, but what is somewhat noteworthy is this passage:

“A lot of those people almost ruined that experience for me,” notes Robert Mackey, a writer for The New York Times [...]

Things Seen in My Kitchen #1

Aggie, rubbing the base of the tail near the back of Connie, our large orange cat, with her big toe:

“I’m gonna scratch your scruffy ass!”

*scritch* *scritch*

Chicago Politics Good Enough for America?

Rod Blagojevich.

Tch, tch, tch.

Wouldn’t it be really unfortunate if we elected a President who came directly out of the universally-recognized cesspit of Chicago politics?

Uh-oh. Here comes the milk!


For researchers of emotions, creating them in the lab can be a problem. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California-Berkeley, studies the emotions of uplift, and he has tried everything from showing subjects vistas of the Grand Canyon to reading them poetry—with little success. But just this week one of [...]

UAW Weakens Itself

“Concessions” made by the United Auto Workers union weakens the already emaciated union:

 DETROIT (AP) – Worried about their jobs and warned that the cost of failure could be a depression, hundreds of leaders of the United Auto Workers voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to make concessions to the struggling Detroit Three, including all but ending a [...]

Hillary Clinton Appointed Secretary of State

President-Elect Obama appoints Hillary R. Clinton as the new Secretary of State:

“President Kennedy once said that engaging the world to meet the threats we face was the greatest adventure of our century,” Clinton said during a news conference in Chicago, Illinois, when Obama unveiled his national security team. “Well, Mr. President-elect, I am proud [...]

Bravery in Mumbai

Out of the darkness of the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Sandra Samuel is a beacon:

 When a mother leaves her baby in the care of another, be it for an hour or a day, it requires a tremendous amount of trust. We hope and pray that our baby will be well taken care of, [...]

Romania’s Social Democrats and Center-Right Parties in Close Parliamentary Race

Today, December 1, is Romania’s national day commemorating the unification of Romania.  While most Romanians are taking the day off, vote-counters from the weekend’s parliamentary elections are busy:

Parties neck and neck in Romania election

Romania’s parliamentary election results Monday showed the centrist and leftist parties less than a percentage point apart with more than [...]