November 2008
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The Bacon Doughnut Experiment #1

Previous posts about bacon doughnuts can be found here and here.

I thought it’d be interesting to actually eat a bacon doughnut rather than just talk about them.  What follows is a documentation of my experiences doing it.

Because I don’t live anywhere bacon doughnuts can be easily found pre-made, I had to make one [...]

American Butthash Media Strikes Again

The MSM, AKA the ABM (American Butthash Media), AKA the Obamedia, does its level best to sensationalize the ordinary while falling down on the job of actual objective reporting of facts.

First, this story was unquestioningly extruded onto the toilet bowl of the internet, a Drudge Report headline:

A worker died after being trampled and [...]

Our Thanksgiving

Despite the disturbing events in Mumbai, it is still Thanksgiving, and in the U.S., we have a great deal to be thankful for.  I present you with a photo of our Thanksgiving meal:

Here are the recipes we used, clockwise from the right of the fish pitcher:

Apple pie: next time [...]

Hostages Freed at One Hotel in Mumbai, Some May Be Held in Another: Some Gunmen Still At-Large

Terror continues in Mumbai:

A number of hostages have been freed from one of Mumbai’s top hotels – one of several sites in the city targeted by armed men – eyewitnesses said. But the situation at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel remains confused, with explosions and gunfire heard coming from inside the hotel. Police chief [...]


Terror in Mumbai, India:

Indian police are still battling to release hostages the morning after gunmen carried out brazen attacks across southern Mumbai, killing more than 100 people and taking hostages in multiple locations. The death toll from the series of coordinated attacks was at 101, including at least six foreigners, by Thursday afternoon authorities [...]

Lori Drew Gets Slap on Wrist

The woman who hounded Megan Meier into hanging herself in a closet gets misdemeanor convictions:

A jury has convicted a Missouri woman of three minor offenses for her role in an Internet hoax that apparently drove a 13-year-old girl to suicide. The Los Angeles federal court jury on Wednesday rejected felony charges of accessing a [...]

More Bacon Doughnuts

Because some joker’s wife thought I was making it all up, I thought I would post a collection of links that talk about bacon doughnuts:

Here is a recipe from someone who makes bacon doughnuts.  For some of us, there might be more credibility to the link because the person who posted it is an [...]

Bacon Doughnut

This is apparently a new item at a California diner:

The nickel diner in Los Angeles, California is known for carefully making all of their own baked goods…But, put your diet on hold, and prepare to go hog wild over this guilty pleasure…The diner is now offering a bacon donut!It’s a maple glazed donut dipped [...]

“Make it special.”

Every diner’s nightmare:

Fulton Police have arrested two employees at the McDonald’s Restaurant in Fulton after police say they spit in an Oswego police officer’s sandwich. 30-year-old Phillip Dunbar and 35-year-old Jeremy Hankey have both been charged with criminal tampering.

Police say a uniformed officer driving a patrol car went through the drive-through window and ordered a Chicken Snack [...]

The Chickenhawk Argument Writ Small

The Cato Institute indulges in a little chickenhawk argumentation at President Obamessiah’s expense:

A few months ago, Barack Obama told a gathering of the American Federation of Teachers that he opposes private school choice programs, adding: “We need to focus on fixing and improving our public schools; not throwing our hands up and walking away [...]

“We got the corned beef…I got the corned beef.”

Corned beef!  CORNED BEEF!

President-elect Barack Obama grabbed his lunch to go Friday and artfully dodged a question about the auto industry woes he’ll inherit.”We got the corned beef,” Obama said as he made his way around the counter at Manny’s deli. Asked by a reporter what he thought about the auto industry, he responded [...]

Hope, Optimism, Change, and Illegal Investigations into He Who Dared Question the Obamessiah

Hey, it turns out that it wasn’t really the right thing to do to turn Joe Wurzelbacher’s life inside out like that:

An agency director improperly used state computers to find personal information on “Joe the Plumber,” a government watchdog said in a report released Thursday.

There was no legitimate business purpose for [...]

Frivolous Lawsuit Achieves Counterproductive Aim

eHarmony doesn’t match gays with other gays.  It’s just not a service the dating website provides.  There are hundreds of dating sites out there, and many of them do match homosexuals.  Even so, one particularly angry homosexual decided to sue eHarmony for discrimination.  This is the outcome:

Gays and lesbians seeking partners now may join [...]

Cthulhu’s Cthock

The taxpayers of Denver funded this monstrosity:

I think they got their money’s worth.  And it’s another reason why we need more oversight in public funding for the arts.


18m Euro Ceiling Painting at UN: “Trees, dunes, donkeys, multicoloured beings flowing drop by drop”

Buh… whu… wah?

An intricate ceiling painting worth 18m euros (£15m) has been unveiled at the United Nations offices in Geneva. The coloured dome took Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo more than a year to produce, using 100 tons of paint with pigments from all over the world. He worked with architects and engineers to develop [...]