August 2008
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NOW Tragically Misnamed

NOW, unsurprisingly, is against McCain’s VP pick:

What McCain does not understand is that women supported Hillary Clinton not just because she was a woman, but because she was a champion on their issues. They will surely not find Sarah Palin to be an advocate for women.

Sen. Joe Biden is the VP candidate who [...]

McCain Picks Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as VP

In an attempt to steal headlines and women votes from Obama, McCain announces his VP pick immediately after the Dem convention and, as I predicted, picked a woman, the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin:

Sen. John McCain has picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, a senior McCain campaign official told CNN on [...]

I Want Chasmous To Be a Word

I am hereby proclaiming on the internet that I believe that the word “chasmous” should be a word.

Chasm:  a marked division, separation, or difference.

Chasmous:  marked by extraordinarily great size, sort of like enormous, but referring to gaps and other chasms.  So, the distance between one side and the other of the Grand Canyon [...]

Putin: Georgian Crisis Designed by America

This just gets worse and worse, or, at least, that is how the Russians are playing it:

Mr Putin said in the interview: “The fact is that US citizens were indeed in the area in conflict during the hostilities. “It should be admitted that they would do so only following direct orders from their leaders.” [...]

Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, submitted by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely (see here for context).

Joe “Scrappy Dog” Biden: I represent you, white working-class males

Joe Biden’s speech at the DNC last night (which I saw this morning) was better than I expected, most likely because my expectations of his ability to deliver on the national stage is at an all-time low.  The gist of his speech was that (a) he was born in Scranton, PA from a working-class family and [...]

Senator Clinton: Any Democrat Will Do

If you saw Senator Clinton’s speech, you saw the Senator struggling with her losing the nomination.  Oh, the experts on CNN thought she was a courageous loser, a “giving person” because she mentioned Obama 10 times.  But if you listened to the speech, it was an “Any Democrat will do” speech.  She spent the majority [...]

Natural gas – Fossil or no fossil?

On Sunday morning, I was working on my laptop happily typing with NBC’s Meet the Press blaring in the background.  Tom Brokaw was interviewing Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi regarding drilling in Alaska.  I was barely paying attention when she said something that maybe stop and look up from my laptop.  Of course, there [...]

Obama Picks Biden as VP as Dem Convention Gears Up in Colorado

Ohhh boy:

Sen. Barack Obama’s choice of Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate raises the question of whether Obama can carry off his message of change with a seasoned Washington politician by his side… The Delaware senator has held two of the most important jobs in Washington: chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and [...]

Say it isn’t so, Sasquatch!

It appears that the existence of Bigfoot will continue to be a mystery.  The reported discovered of Bigfoot by two men in Georgia was just a hoax.   Reported at the web site, the Bigfoot carcass sealed in ice to “protect” the evidence ended up being a rubber gorilla costume.

 Turns out Bigfoot was just a [...]

Move over, Batboy! Bigfoot has been uncovered in Georgia!

On Thursday, the CNN web site reported that two hunters wandering in the woods of Georgia came across the body of a 7 1/2 foot tall half-man, half-ape.  They dragged the carcass back from the woods to store in their freezer, took pictures and evidence.  Then, they made their discovery known on a internet radio show called [...]

That’s…that’s a lot of food.

What does an Olympic gold medalist swimmer eat for breakfast?

[Michael] Phelps lends a new spin to the phrase “Breakfast of Champions” by starting off his day by eating three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise.

He follows that up with two cups of coffee, a five-egg omelet, a bowl [...]

Being savior of the world pays off big time

Speaker of the House and self-proclaimed savior of the world, Nancy Pelosi seems to have something in common with alternative energy spokesman, T. Boone Pickens.  It turns out that Congresswoman Pelosi has invested a good deal of money with Picken’s company, Clean Energy Fuels Corporation.  According to Michelle Malkin’s column in the New York Post, Pelosi invested [...]

Pay up or prepare for extinction

Oliver Tickell, one of the leading cheerleaders for the global warming movement and very recent author of Kyoto2, declared on Monday that humanity is doomed unless we immediately put a global cap on greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2.  This cap would be applied “upstream” or in other words, any company that produces anything.  His [...]

Obey me!

Look upon this face for one day he will rule you all!  This is Benjamin, destroyer of worlds and ravager of living rooms.

I know this because he currently rules the 1500 square feet that I call my home.  Actually, in all fairness, Benjamin is a happy baby who is fortunately very easy to care [...]