April 2008
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Long, Strange Trip Ends in the Grave: Albert Hofman, Dead at 102

No, this is not Abbie Hoffman, but Albert Hofman, the guy who invented LSD:

Albert Hofmann, father of the mind-altering drug LSD whose medical discovery grew into a notorious “problem child,” died Tuesday. He was 102.  Hofmann died of a heart attack at his home in Basel, Switzerland, according to Rick Doblin, president of the [...]

“Kill the police!”

Sharpton to recreate Crown Heights riot?

Hundreds of angry people marched through Harlem on Saturday after the Rev. Al Sharpton promised to “close this city down” to protest the acquittals of three police detectives in the 50-shot barrage that killed a groom on his wedding day and wounded two friends.

“We strategically know how to [...]

Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, submitted by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely.

Happy Earth Day!

Today, April 22, 2008 is Earth Day!  Make sure you get on your knees and kiss the soil! (Earth Day is not to be confused with Earth Hour.  Turning off your lights for 60 minutes won’t help anyone today).

Carter Re-Emphasizes His Anti-Semitic Bona-Fides

Our most worthless living ex-President continues to beclown himself in the Middle East:

Former US president Jimmy Carter and Khaled Meshaal, exiled chief of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, held more talks in Syria on Saturday focused on a possible truce between Israel and Gaza militants and the release of an Israeli soldier, Hamas said. [...]

Angry Radical Feminists Fight the Only Way They Can

Don’t make fun of them, or you’ll be subject to their crying to the patriarchy about your mean behavior:

A satirical response to a feminist publication at Colorado College has landed the college and two of its students in the middle of a fierce debate over freedom of speech.

Chris Robinson and another student at [...]

Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is next week’s political cartoon of the week, submitted early by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely.  Click on the cartoon to get the full effect.

Michelle Obama Needs Your Money

Get your grubby little fingers off of my pie, you pinch-faced, wealth-redistributing cow:

This was Michelle Obama’s “mom time” in her husband’s campaign for president.

She’d come Tuesday to meet with 50 working women who filled a room at a Harrisburg preschool, anxious to talk to Barack Obama’s wife.

Lucky them!  What did they talk [...]

Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, submitted by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely.

You Can Have His Gun, Now: Charlton Heston, Dead at 84

Legendary actor and gun-ownership rights activist Charlton Heston died:

Actor Charlton Heston died at Beverly Hills home at the age of 84 Saturday, his family said.  Heston’s wife of 64 years, Lydia, was by his side at the time of his death, according to the family statement.  Heston is survived by a son, a daughter [...]

Pregnant Man: “I have a very stable male identity”

Recalling that movie where Schwarzenegger played a pregnant man, Thomas Beatie is pregnant with no scare quotes around the word pregnant:

Mr Beatie, of Bend, Oregon, had breast surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest after deciding to become a man 10 years ago. The medical procedures he underwent a decade ago did not [...]

Unbelievable Stuff in the News: The Elephant that Paints and the Signal only Teenagers can Hear

I don’t believe either one of these stories:

The elephant that paints self-portraits. 

And the signal that scares away only teenagers:

LONDON (AFP) – The British inventor of a controversial device which disperses young people by emitting a high-pitched noise which only they can hear called Wednesday for legislation to regulate its use. Self-confessed “mad [...]

Even More News about Sir Edmund Hillary and His Death

Following up on the worthwhile thread (here and here) on the death of Sir Edmund Hillary is yet another article about it:

The Queen has paid her respects at a service of thanksgiving for Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary. Members of the mountaineer’s family and dignitaries from his native New Zealand also attended the service [...]

Oliver Stone’s ‘W’

The plot and some details are on-line regarding Oliver Stone’s planned biopic of George W. Bush, “W”.  Among the highlights of this “movie:”

– ”…after Dubya drains a pint of Wild Turkey and runs over a pile of trash cans while driving home, his angry father tells him to call Alcoholics Anonymous, prompting Dubya to sarcastically [...]