November 2007
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Helen Thomas Gets Slapped

From The Corner, an exchange with White House Press Secretary Perino and Press Harpy Helen Thomas:

Q    Why should we depend on him?

MS. PERINO:  Because he is the commander on the ground, Helen.  He’s the one who is making sure that the situation is moving —

Q    You mean how many more people we [...]

It’s Just a Little Bias, Don’t Get All Het Up About It

So it turns out that last night’s Republican Debates on CNN were bursting at the seams with Democrat party activists.

Big deal!  Consider the source.  This is CNN, remember?  A major player in the American Butthash Media.  Whether it’s conscious bias or utter incompetence, it’s par for the course. 

What makes this story particularly rich is [...]

How Did a British Woman Get Killed by Dogs in Bulgaria?

As reported here, a British woman reportedly living in the Bulgarian village of Nedyalsko reportedly died as a result of being attacked by dogs.  I feel badly that the woman died.  This is a real tragedy. 

How did it happen?

Unless trained to do so, dogs rarely attack and kill humans.  Even stray dogs, like [...]

Will South Africa be Ready to Host the World Cup in 2010?

Some are optimistic:

Staging the globe’s showcase football event has become intertwined with rebuilding the economy, banishing the divisions of apartheid, and establishing a new national identity.   This vision of a World Cup that aids the economically disadvantaged is being driven by the head of the 2010 organising committee, Danny Jordaan, a former lecturer, politician [...]

Gang of Wild Dogs Mauls British Woman to Death in Bulgaria

A pretty appalling story out of Bulgaria:

A pack of stray dogs mauled a British woman to death in a Bulgarian village, police said on Wednesday.

Margaret Ann Gordon, 56, was walking her pet dog when the pack of about eight wild dogs attacked her on Tuesday afternoon on the outskirts of the tiny [...]

Naming Teddy Bear Muhammad “another ring in the circles of plotting against Islam”

Don’t call your teddy bear Muhammad if you live in the Sudan:

The Foreign Office has confirmed that charges have been laid against school teacher Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool. She was arrested in Khartoum after allowing her class of primary school pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad. Lawyers say Mrs Gibbons faces six [...]

Stephen King Wants to Waterboard Jenna Bush

It’s no secret to longtime readers of this website that Stephen King’s a left-wing imbecile, but Instapunk neatly deconstructs him and the moralistic hand-flapping on waterboarding (with attendant discussion about torture) here:

Here are some of the random comments that ran through my mind as I read [King's interview in Time magazine], in no particular [...]

Fake Fotos Change the Way We See The Worlld

At least, so we’re told:

To test what effect doctored photos might have, researchers from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Padua in Italy showed 299 people aged 19 to 84 either an actual photo or an altered photo of two historical events, the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest in Beijing and the [...]

Quiet Riot: Lead Singer, Kevin DuBrow, Dead at 52

Cause of death has not been determined:

Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, has died, CNN has confirmed. He was 52.  DuBrow died at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to The Clark County coroner’s office was examining the body to determine the cause of death, [...]

Deranged Old Man Still Clinging to Debunked Lie

Turns out that Dan Rather was rather more upset that his Bush TANG story was shown to be a cobwebby skein of lies than he initially let on:

Two days after the apology [for airing a gravely inaccurate story on the basis of falsified documents], Rather’s faith in his employers was shaken. CBS announced it [...]

E-Coli Strikes Again

Check the fridge, folks:

A company voluntarily recalled nearly 96,000 pounds of ground beef products after two people were sickened, possibly by the E. coli bacteria, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said Saturday.  The beef products by American Foods Group include coarse and fine ground beef chuck, sirloin and chop [...]

Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, submitted by noted political cartoonist, I. P. “Ip” Freely.  See this post and this post for “clarification.”

Click on the picture for full “clarification.”

Scott McClellan: “I had unknowingly passed along false information” in Plame Leak Case Part Two

From Ace, we are pointed to this clarification:

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan does not believe President Bush lied to him about the role of White House aides I. Lewis Scooter Libby or Karl Rove in the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity, according to McClellan’s publisher.

Peter Osnos, the founder and editor-in-chief of [...]

That’s What You Get for Eating Hair

Woman coughs up 10 lb hairball:

A previously healthy 18-year-old woman consulted a team of gastrointestinal specialists.  She complained of a five-month history of pain and swelling in her abdomen, vomiting after eating and a 40-pound weight loss.  After a scan of the woman’s abdomen showed a large mass, doctors lowered a scope through her esophagus.


Scott McClellan: “I had unknowingly passed along false information” in Plame Leak Case

Drumming up interest for his book (due out in April 2008), former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan implicates Bush and the top officials in the White House in the Valerie Plame CIA leak case:

In an excerpt from his book, Scott McClellan says George W Bush helped mislead the public over the role in [...]