October 2007
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Silky Pony Believes in Fairy

On the heels of Ip’s visual commentary, there’s this story that needs to get more press:

“Will [Hillary Clinton] be the person who brings about the change in this country?” 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards said. “You know, I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the tooth fairy. But I don’t think that’s [...]

News Shorts

Robert Goulet passed on yesterday.  He always seemed to me to be a nice guy and it’s a shame he had to go while waiting for a lung.  Emerald Nuts has a few words to say, which is decent because they claimed that he’d go into your office and mess with your stuff if you [...]


This story strains credulity almost to the breaking point.

Imagine your boss called you into his office and asked you these sorts of questions and subjected you to this kind of training.  If you didn’t punch him (or her) in the nose, you’d have a good case for sexual harassment, among other things.  This is [...]

Happy Hallohin!

Do they celebrate Halloween in Poland?  Not exactly.  I asked this question to several people and they said that because of the Day of the Dead, otherwise known as All Saint’s Day on November 1, which is a sort of somber event celebrated in Catholic countries like Poland, Halloween wouldn’t catch on here.

Not so [...]

Smokey the Bear Incredibly Pissed Off

Smokey the Bear is so mad he could eat a whole family-camper full of vacationers over what Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department believes is the cause of that big fire over in California:

A juvenile playing with matches started a Southern California wildfire that wound up scorching more than 38,000 acres and destroying 63 structures, [...]

Lookit the great grammar. Lookit.

If you’ve ever read a blog, and I’m pretty sure you have, you’ve seen that the quality of the comments in terms of (a) focusing on the post, (b) grammar and style, and (c) organization of thought varies quite a bit.

 For example, examine the comments from this YouTube Family Guy post:

i’m putting this [...]

Movies I Have Seen Recently

Some short movie reviews and/or recommendations:

We tried to watch Borat.    This faux memo encapsulates some of my feelings on it.  Ultimately, we made it up until the first part of the rodeo scene, then couldn’t take it any more.  We weren’t offended; we were just bored.  It was about as funny as watching a [...]


Best.  Post.  Ever.

It’s clear that this (P)resident is keeping plenty of people who would otherwise be Nobel Laureates from achieving their full potential.  He must not be reelected!

Thanks to Ace for the pointer.

Political Cartoon of the Week

Here is today’s political cartoon of the week, inspired by this story, and submitted by noted political cartoonist, I.P. “Ip” Freely.

5-day work week too much for Congress

On Saturday, House majority leader Steny Moyer announced to fellow Democrats that the next year’s session would not include Fridays.  Covered by the New York Times and almost no one else, this rollback took place less than a year after House Speaker Pelosi and Senator majority leader Harry Reid made a committment to longer hours.

 Shortly after winning [...]

Recent Anti-War Movies

Captain Ed talks about the recent spate of anti-war movies coming out of Hollywood, noting that the American public doesn’t seem terribly interested in having a bunch of moneyed, morally preening elites tell it what’s right and what’s wrong.

Going on the criteria of 1) entertaining, and 2) thought-provoking, it’s pretty clear that the current films [...]

1st Lady Wins Presidency in Argentina: “Cristina is going to pull us out of poverty!”

An historic win with obvious references to Hillary Clinton:

First lady Cristina Fernandez claimed victory in Argentina’s presidential election Sunday, with early results and exit polls suggesting she had avoided a runoff and become the first woman elected to the post.  Fernandez’s husband, President Nestor Kirchner, is credited with Argentina’s rebound from a 2001 economic [...]

“I didn’t do anything wrong, Frank!”

The TNR Beauchamp Follies continue.

If there’s any sort of news story that gives my ideological self a woody the size of a sequoia, it’s stuff like this.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  In the upcoming movie Shattered Glass Two: Multiple Layers of Fact-Checking, here’s the tentative cast I’m thinking of:

Scott Beauchamp: Jake [...]

More hot air from Congress

The Santa Ana winds have been blowing hot air across California long before man stepped foot on the continent.  On Tuesday on the Hill.com web site, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to add his bellowing in declaration that this disaster was somehow related to man-made global warming. 

 Officials said Tuesday the winds and high [...]

Poland Votes and Civic Platform (PO) Wins

Election fever in Poland hit a high not seen for quite some time.  This is because of the scandals and controversial policies of PiS’s the Kaczynski twins.  In a short campaign season and the apparently dumb decision by PiS to call for early elections, PiS lost and PO wins in 2007:

One of the twin [...]